What they love about you

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He loves how confident you are and how you aren't afraid to be yourself around people. Yeah you may be shy when you meet someone new but you immediately start acting like yourself again. He loves how when you catch him looking at you you turn away and blush with a small giggle.

He loves how goofy you are. You always somehow make him laugh when he's down. When he has his camera on you you're not afraid to act crazy in front of it. He loves the weird faces you make when he starts to film you on Snapchat it always makes him crack up.

He loves the crazy side of you. The nights where you're all at a party and you decide to do the most random things. He always worries that you might get hurt but you make sure to be careful. He loves how he can tell you anything and not worry about how you're going to react.

He loves how random you are. When he's filming you you say or do the most random things like for instance start twerking out of nowhere. He loves how you stick your tongue out a little when you're really concentrated on something and how your hair gets in your face when you're doing a certain task.

He loves how playful you are. Sometimes he likes to play fight with you and you absolutely love it. You don't care if he pushes you a little hard or hits you a little to hard. You're just worried about having fun right at that moment.

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