❥|| Show Campion

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Sunny was standing with S.Coups who was holding a camera, filming himself. He greeted the camera and proceeded to talk.

"Sunny where are we?" S.Coups asked.

"Show Campion." Sunny answered with a smile.

Both S.Coups and Sunny walked into the room where the rest of the seventeen members were. Everyone was sitting down or messing with one another. The leader told everyone that they were a #1 candidate on the charts.

"Ohh~" Everyone hummed out.

As Sunny walked out of the room with her phone, she saw Joshua and Jeonghan looking at themselves in the mirror. They were recording themselves as well.

After a few minutes, many more members walked out of the room Sunny was once in. They were all standing out in the hallway as they needed to start warming up before going on stage to perform.

In the background of the video you could see Sunny walking around the hall in small circles around Woozi. She also tried to hug him a few times but Woozi just pushed her away.

The performance was a great time for the entire group since they were anticipating who was going to be called out of #1 on the charts. When they got backstage, two cameras were handed back to random members and they started filming again. Sunny was sitting in a chair, a tiny white fan pointed at her face to cool her down. The other hand was holding her phone, she was scrolling through Instagram.

After what seemed to be over an hour of waiting, the group went back onstage along with other idols. Sunny stood between S.Coups and Wonwoo. She listened as the two hosts read the words off of the cards they were holding. She smiled to the fans in front of her.

"Number one on the charts... SEVENTEEN!"

A male host yelled out their group's name and Sunny stood there frozen in her spot. She looked around as a small smile grew across her face. As the other idols rushed off the stage, the song started to play.

Sunny started to cry a little bit since, unlike the other boys, this was her first win. She wiped her eyes and S.Coups came over to her. He pulled her into a hug and just allowed her to cry onto his shoulder.

As the song ended, the group left the stage and thanked their fans for helping them win. Sunny walked backstage first and waved to the camera that was filming them as they came back.

The whole group sat down or stood around each other and thanked the fans once again.

"If it wasn't for the fans, we wouldn't have won today. Thank you!" Sunny said as she blew a kiss to the camera.

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