Chapter 20

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Kayleigh's pov

WARNING there is some sensitive subject towards the middle of this chapter. You may want to skip this chapter if not comfortable.

Andy grabs my hand and leads me upstairs. He's walking very fast, "You're going to need to slow down because I can't even remember how much I've had to drink." He chuckles and slows down a little.

We go into a bedroom and he grabs my face and kisses me. I kiss him back and run my hand down his spine. We move backwards not breaking our lips apart. Something hits Andy on the back of the leg and it happens to be a bench so Andy sits down on it. I sit on his lap, with a leg over each side of him. I run my hand from his leg, up his sculpted arm and to the back of his neck, running my fingers through his hair. I've missed the taste of his lips. 

All of a sudden somebody bursts through the door and I see out of the corner of my eye a tall man with dark hair. I don't pay much attention at first but then I suddenly push myself off Andy, falling on the floor. I look at the door and see Shawn. His eyes are full of pain and he shakes his head and begins to walk away. "Shawn." I start to say, trying to get up and go after him. "Shawn!" I yell louder.

I've managed to stand up and start walking quickly to catch up with him. I have to put my arm on the wall to stable myself. "Shawn, just let me, let me explain." I beg.

"What is there to explain Kayleigh?" 

He stops in the hallway and looks at me, waiting for an answer. I open my mouth, hoping one will come out, but nothing does. Tears start to form in my eyes and I'm trying with all my might to hold them in. "Just please. Don't go." I can feel one run down my cheek and I let it stay there, afraid to move in case Shawn does too. 

Shawn shakes his head and starts to turn away from me. I reach for his hand, "No Shaw-".

He cuts me off and rips his hand away from mine. "What else were you going to do if I didn't walk in? Were you going to fuck him?" 

"C'mon man that's enough." I hear Andy say as he comes up behind me. 

"I wouldn't stick around if I were you." Shawn directs his anger to him.

"Andy, you should go." I say pleading him to leave.

Andy chuckles and walks away going downstairs.

"So were you?" Shawn asks me again.

"No, no, I don't even know what I'm doing right now, I can't remember half of what has happened tonight. I don't know." I say crying now. I put one arm out to the side so I don't fall over. "Let's just go, and we will talk." The tears rolling down my face.

Shawn hasn't looked at me once. "I don't want to go anywhere with you right now." He takes a step back and walks around the corner. The tears are rolling down my face harder now. I try to go after him but he's pretty much running down the stairs and I can barely walk.

"Shawn!" I yell begging for him to turn around and look at me. He walks out the door and I follow him. I'm walking down the sidewalk to his car where he gets in and looks at me. "Shawn." I say so quietly I can barely hear it myself. He stares at me for a second before getting in his car and starts to drive away. 

I sit down on the sidewalk and put my head between my hands, crying. How stupid am I? I can't believe I lost another person in my life, and it's all my fault. I don't think Shawn will ever forgive me, and I don't blame him.

I call an uber and wait there on the sidewalk for him to get here. I'm waiting for about ten minutes before I see an suv pull up. I get in and tell him where I live.

We are cruising down a street when I start to feel nauseous. "Sorry sir, can you pull over? I think I'm going to be sick." 

"Great." he says sarcastically before pulling over in a gas station parking lot. I bolt out and lean over the sidewalk and throw up everywhere. 

I continue to throw up when I suddenly see the vehicle start to drive away. I stumble trying to get up, "No wait!" I call out after him as he speeds into Toronto traffic. "Shit shit shit." I curse. As if this night couldn't get any worse. 

I take out my phone to call somebody, anybody who I think will answer. I come across Shawn in  my recents and dial his number. It goes straight to voicemail, which doesn't really surprise me. "Shawn please pick up. My uber ditched me at a gas station on fifth. Nobody is answering their phones, please if you get this can you come get me." I turn around and see a man watching me from outside of his truck. 

"Hey there." he says, stepping out of the shadows and closer to me.

"Umm hi." I reply still with the phone to my ear hoping Shawn will pick up. He continues to step closer to me and I take a few steps back. "Please stop." I say trying to get away from him.

He doesn't listen and continues to walk closer to me until my back is up against a wall and there's nowhere else for me to go. "Stop." I say assertively. He plucks the phone out of my hand and throws it on the hard concrete below. It shatters and I start to panic.

He takes his hand and runs it up my arm, sending a creepy shiver up my spine. He takes his hand up to my chin and trys to point it towards him but I winch away and whine. "Please stop." I'm down right begging at this point. 

He rips me away from the wall and slams me against the door of his truck. I scream but he covers my mouth. He opens the back door and forcefully lays me down across the backseat. I'm kicking my legs and trying anything to get him off me. He trys to put his lips to mine but I bite him and he slaps me for it. "Now now, that's not how a lady acts." 

I'm trying to hit him and kick him off me but he somehow holds my arms down. He starts to undo his belt. I'm trying to think of anything that will help me. He is trying to get my jeans undone and lifts my shirt up and covers my face with it. I can barely breathe, the material suffocating me. 

My hand roams the floor, looking for anything I can use. I come across a hard metal object and put all of the little power I have behind my arm and I hit him in the head. He grunts and is shoved back a little. I manage to get my leg free and kick him out of the truck until he lands on the concrete. I get out of the truck and start to run away when I turn around to see him and the truck speeding out of the parking lot. 

I stop walking and realize that I'm incredibly dizzy. I see the world around me go sideways and next thing I know I'm lying on the ground, unconscious. 

Authors Note

This was a really hard chapter to write. I hope none of you reading have ever gone through something like this, and please don't be afraid to reach out if you need help. Love Xx

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