Part 9 - Epilogue

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Laughing, Vessa pushed open the door to the Grot, then held it wide for Carine and Del Amoth. Her partner was one of the shards of colored glass he'd found in a pocket, prodding it with a finger.

"I can't believe I didn't notice it before, but there's a strong glamour here."

Vessa squeezed his shoulder. "Your greed blinded you. I think we were both guilty of that. Never mind, set it aside. I think we've earned a good long rest, along with the chance to spend some of the duke's gold."

"Carine!" bellowed Kell from behind the bar when he caught sight of them. "Where have you been, girl? Off having fun with your penniless friends? Get in the kitchen and start cleaning!"

Carine glanced at Vessa and sighed. "Yes, Uncle. Coming, Uncle."

"And you!" Kell continued, jabbing a finger at Vessa. "I thought I just told you to go talk to Alberon. You need to find some work so you can begin paying off your debts!"

Vessa frowned. "I think you must be thinking of someone else, Kell."

"What, are you into the dreamsmoke again? You were in here not a half-watch ago, just before the sun finally jumped back into the sky. Asking all kinds of crazy questions."

Vessa froze. What was Kell talking about? She hadn't been here. 

Oh no . . .

"The mirror!" Del Amoth cried, grabbing her arm and shaking it hard.

And she'd been so looking forward to a little rest.

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