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Today is the day.

Jaxon's birthday.

And I had things just had to go wrong.

I had rummaged through my two suitcases and I couldn't find the other gift I got for Jaxon. I took my months of savings to get it for him. I know I packed it in my suitcase when we left the house. Now it was nowhere to be found.

"Are you sure you didn't misplace it?" Abella asked, wearily from the bathroom.

"No!" I paused as she poked her head into the room with a raised brow. "I mean, no. Sorry, I'm just frustrated. Adam was right there with me when I packed it so I have a witness."

"Relax. I'm sure it's in your things." Audrey said reassuringly. "Just call Adam. You know how forgetful you are."

I rolled my eyes and called Adam on FaceTime. It took only one ring before he answered. Well, that was rather quick.

He smiled, his green eyes twinkling with excitement. "Finally decided to call me."

"Sorry. Anyways, I have a question."

He chuckled. "I'm doing great. Thanks."

I knew he was only playing around but, every minute that gift was missing was killing me. It only made more frustrated. "Did I happen to leave behind Jaxon's gift? I remember packing it and you saw me."

"Oh." He glanced away from the camera, rubbing the back of his neck. "Um... Alex got to it."

"What?!" Audrey and Abella both flinched from my voice.

"Yeah..." He cleared his throat. "I didn't notice until you left but, I didn't know if you made it safely since you didn't call."

I rubbed my temples in frustration. It was common for a dog to teeth but, I didn't think Alex would get to my suitcase. I shouldn't have underestimated him. "Dios mio! Todo sólo tiene que joder hoy! (Everything just has to fuck up today!)" Adam's confused face made me realize I was speaking in Spanish. I was too agitated to even stop myself or even take the time to translate.

I sighed. "I don't have anything to give to Jaxon."

Audrey's lips twitched. "You could always give him the goodies."

I blushed, glaring at her. "Shut up, Audrey."

"I'm serious."

"I'm not going to." I turned away from her and she gasped. "Oh my goodness! Your ears are red when you lie! You were already planning to do so!"

Abella frowned. "I am devastated by this news."

I quickly covered my straightened hair with my ears. Damn ears. "I hate you so much, Audrey." I realized I was still on the phone with Adam. "Um..."

His bother look was replaced with a light laugh. "Don't worry about it."

"Sorry for bothering you."

"You never bother me, Kay."

I smiled softly. "Okay, I'll call you later."

"She'll be busy then so tomorrow!" Audrey shouted and I shot her a glare. The call ended and I guess he hung up. She must've scared him off. There was a soft knock at the door and Audrey shouted a come in. Trent, Tyler, Sean, Mare, and Kamila entered the room. "We're ready!"

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