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(Doctor Hero ^)

     TO SAY THAT JAZEON FELT SORE WAS SOMETHING THAT NOONE SHOULD BE Surprised of. His eyes were full of misery as the scene repatedly played in his mind. Who the hell is playing with his mind? He asked himself mentally.

He sat by himself in the infimary, as Madam Pomfey listed a few healing medicines for him. And to say, There was also a Doctor that Mcgongall made sent for his company. The Doctor was supposedly named Hero, Iconic if you ask him.

"How are you feeling, Mr Veller?" Doctor Hero asked him. Jazeon tried bringing up humour, but the Doctor looked too serious so he had chosen to shut his mouth.

"If honestly. . . Sore." Jazeon answered truthfully, he couldn't even exactly move his body the way he wanted, his body felt so sore as it remembered the pain he felt 7 years ago.

As soon as Madam Pomfey left, Doctor Hero looked around to make sure noone was looking, and it made Jazeon suspicious of the supposed Doctor.

"I don't believe that you were just having a breakdown. Now tell me, Mr Veller, what really is bothering you?" Doctor Hero asked, the doctor was in his middle 30s, seems to Jazeon the doctor already has a family.

Jazeon narrowed his eyes at the doctor as his eyes was shading suspiciously as his eyes wander to the doctor himself.

"Well, I don't know what possessed you to believe that I'll just tell you what is bothering me. We haven't even met for an hour, yet here you are believing I'll just open up to you." Jazeon sassed the doctor. A frown deepened in the doctor's face.

"Oh, I apologise. It's just that most of my patients open up to me freely." Doctor Hero apoligised, it may seem innocent for the other people, but Jazeon swore he saw a glint of something in the doctor's eyes.

"Too bad I'm not like most of your patients." Jazeon spoke with a little sarcasm. He was feeling moody currently, he wasn't in the mood to be all goody happy. He just can't, not when he has a mind playing him in the moment.

"Yes, Exactly, too bad." The doctor spoke with a shade of curiosity as the doctor's eyes observed the pale blonde haired boy. Something about this boy was extraordinary, And Doctor Hero can't seem to put his finger on it, or something would bite him. Literally.

Jazeon gave out a heavy sigh as his shoulders slumped down, looking really tired. Which is odd because it was still 2:00 pm in the afternoon, which is still pretty early.

"You look like your parents." Doctor Hero blurted out, Jazeon looked up from his fingers raising an eyebrow.

"What biological child doesn't?" Jazeon questioned, He looked at Doctor Hero skeptically. "Not to be rude, but, Aren't you supposed to know that? I mean like, you're a doctor after all." Jazeon spoke. The doctor laughed at Jazeon's incredulous personality of the world.

"Oh right, I'm just saying you look so much like them. You have your mother's hair and but you have—" Jazeon cuts Doctor Hero off.

"But I have the rest from my dad? Is that what you mean, Doctor Hero?" Jazeon asked chuckling, it was nothing new, a lot adults told
Him this, making him used to the usual talks about his looks.

"Yes, Thats indeed what I mean." The doctor told, It was getting really awkward. Jazeon stared down the floor until Madam Pomfey came to his rescue and broke the awkward silence.

"Alright, Jazeon, You have a little problem with memories, in the wizarding world; It is called Levories Disorder or preferably Levories Syndromes." Madam Pomfey explained to him.

Jazeon's face morphed to confusion at first.

"Shouldn't be Doc here saying that? I mean like, he's the doctor here from the two of you." Jazeon spoke his thoughts. Madam Pomfey looked like she was face palming.

"Well, I served more students than Doc here. Now stay put." Madam Pomfey commanded ad Jazeon just nodded as he did stay put.

"By Serving, did you mean werewolves?" The doctor suddenly asked. Madam Pomfey sent a glare at the doctor's way. Jazeon looked confused, what did he mean by werewolves?

"Doc? What do you mean by werewolves? Is there a werewolf inside of hogwarts?" Jazeon fired with questions. He was really curious to know more, an old habit he learned from his father is the crave for that intresting new knowledge he learns.

"Ah!—" The doctor exclaimed and looking at his wrist checking the time. "—This is my que to leave, Be a good boy Mr Veller." The doctor exclaimed.

Patting the boy's head before leaving the hospital wing.

Doctor Hero was a strange man, seeming so confident but so awkward, and dress up really funny behind the doctor coat.

"But Sir! You—" the door slammed before Jazeon could finish his sentence, his shoulders slumped back. "Didn't even have any watch in hand." Jazeon mumbled the last part to himself.

Doctor Hero was someone who might or might not be a person who will help Jazeon or let him down.

As the doors closed, Jazeon turned back to Madam Pomfey.

"Hello again, Madam Pomfey. Happy 53th visit." Jazeon greeted the nurse with his normal grin that looks worth gold.

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