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day one.
the beginning.

"I dare you and Minho to act like a couple for a whole week and convince everyone that you are actually dating."

That was the sentence that put Jisung and his best friend into this mess. They were just trying to have a fun game of truth or dare with their friends but one of them had to turn on them. He reminded himself to get back at him for that.

So now here they were, standing out front of the school like they usually did every morning, unsure of what to do. They knew they had to act like a couple but they had no idea how to. Both were inexperienced in dating.

Minho cleared his throat, "hold my hand, maybe? That's a start.." he muttered.

Jisung nodded and quickly took his friend's hand in his own, heat traveling across his cheeks. Yes maybe he did have a small crush on his best friend, but nobody knew that and he wasn't planning on telling anyone either.

Minho gave Jisung a bright smile and squeezed his hand tightly, "let's go to class then."

The two made their way inside the school building and to their first class, which, they had together luckily enough. It was English, a class they both hated.

When they stepped into the classroom, all eyes were on them. Their hands were still locked together which made the situation even more awkward. The school knew the two to be very close with each other, seeing as they were best friends and all, so it seemed very normal to them.

They headed to their seats at the back of the class and sat down together. Jisung felt like he was burning so he put his head down and covered his face.

Felix, one of their friends and the friend who had dared them to go through this torture, was looking at them. Him and Minho made eye contact and Felix gave him a look as if saying "up the act." Minho sighed.

A lot of the students were still looking at the two of them so Minho did what he knew Felix wanted him to. He scooted his chair closer to Jisung and began rubbing his back, looking to all of the students. "Eyes off, you're making him embarrassed.

They all turned away. Minho had shocked even himself at how possessive he sounded. Felix looked content so he turned back around with a smile.

Jisung looked up at Minho who looked back at him, smiling cutely.

Jisung felt butterflies going crazy in his stomach, why did Minho have this effect on him. Literally all he did was smile.


Hello 👀 since "arranged?" is now finished, here's the other minsung fic I promised! I hope it goes well dkfjdj


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