24. The Note

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"Candi I'm worried" I said
"Bitch he's going to call he probably just getting off the plane" She said and I nodded
"Hopefully" I responded

She wasn't really engaging in my conversation she was too busy playing with Mere.

"Mommy" Mink said walking up to me
"Yes baby" I responded
"I want daddy" She said rubbing her eyes like she was bouta cry

I mentally rolled my eyes at how obsessed she was with him. I loved their bond but of course I'm jealous.

"Well I'll call him in a second baby" I said

She stood in between my legs since I was sitting and hugged me and I rubbed her back. Papi was somewhere upstairs probably in his room since we was at Meeks house. Papi was acting unbothered he's probably use to being separated from Meek for a little bit but not Mink. She barely made it when Meek was in jail the only thing that helped was the everyday phone calls.


I stepped into the room she was in and she was sleep. The room was silent the only noise was the beeping of the machine. I took a seat next to her bed and just watched her. She looked so lifeless it was so sad seeing her like this, but I couldn't do anything but watch. My phone was completely dead and I guess I left my charger at home. I took the remote off the bedside table and scrolled through some channels before I landed on this movie. It didn't look that interesting but it was the best thing on. I looked down at her when I heard movement but she was still sleep.

"Mmh applesauce" I said taking the small cup of apple sauce off the table

After about a few minutes her lunch was gone and it was pretty good. The movie was damn near ending so I just got comfortable in the chair and started to doze off. It's like as soon as I was drifting into a deep sleep I heard someone calling me.

"Meek" The faint voice said as I forced my eyes open
"You up" I asked
"Here" Her voice was a pitch below a whisper

Her skinny arm reached out to hand me a sheet of paper. Her pale skin had several of bruises on them Im guessing from the crash.

"What's this" I asked

Her blinks were very slow until she just stopped and her eyes were shut. Then soon the flatline noise came out of the machine and my mind went blank.

I don't know how I ended up in the waiting room but I was holding my head until my name was called on the PA system .

"Robert Rihmeek Williams you have a call please report to the front desk" I hesitated for a while but finally I got up and walked up to the desk

The receptionist past me the phone and Nicki was on the other end.

"Yes" I said sort of a whisper
"Why didn't you call me are you okay" She asked
"Ima be home soon" Was all I said before handing the receptionist back the phone

I looked at my phone as it was just turning on because I finally got a new charger. I unlocked my phone sending Nicki a quick message about how I was just boarding the plane and I'd see her later that night. I sat on the G5 and pulled the note out V left me and read it.

'Dear Meek,
I know you want nothing to do with me but in all I honesty I barely want anything to do with myself. I know I hurt you and I love the fact that you actually took in a stranger that was just suppose to be a one nightstand. Before I continue this I just want to tell you about me because we don't really know each other. As a little I was placed in probably about 7 to 10 different group homes. My mom put me ina dumpster when I was only 2 days old. From then until 18 I was in a bunch of different foster cares. Thats why I started stripping. I met this guy and he was basically like my "owner" he had me doing things unspeakable things for him then he sold me to some man in Costa Rica and that's how I got here. I was here for years until you saved me. I didn't know that you wasn't the father I could've sworn you were but I was wrong. Another man is the dad or maybe another man is the dad and there's this other guy, but I don't know them Meek. I don't know nothing about them I don't even know their first names. I know you think Ima hoe but I think that too. Anyways after I came back there I started to get obsessed with you but after we found out you wasn't the father I was still obsessed with you but I had a baby to be obsessed with. I went back to Costa Rica for a bit but my "owner" found out I was having a baby and he wanted my son. He thought Kingston was his and when I tried to explain otherwise he didn't believe me. So I moved back to California. I know you're probably wondering how I get back on to Costa Rica then, well I was trying to find Kingston's dad. I knew I had to find him because I had found I had 4 months to live. I needed someone to be there for my son. I had been diagnosed with cancer since I was younger but just when I thought I was getting better they hit you with the most devastating news. My "owner" found out I was back and he hit my car but he didn't want to kill me he wanted to kill Kingston. I might be a hoe but I'm not dumb Kingston's in Cali safe and sound. Meek I love Kingston, I love Kingston more than I've ever knew I could love anyone. I tried to wait for you to come so I can say it in person but I can't I can feel my bones aching and breaking and I can just feel the cancer deteriorating, I know I'm not going to make it in time to find Kingston's real dad and I don't have family only thing I have is a baby sitter who's barely making it. Please Meek if you keep him then please make sure he's in good hands. He's at 1515 Balberry Ln, Los Angeles CA if you decide to take him in or whatever, I just wanna break the cycle of foster care because I went through a lot in there and my baby boy don't deserve that please. Mommy loves you Kingston and I love you Meek'

I wiped my eyes and folded the letter back.


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