Chapter FortyTwo- No Pun Intended Man

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So I've been uploading chapters like mad because the due date for Watty Awards 2012 is a lot sooner than I'd expected! Honestly, Im freaking out haha! At least you all get a lot of chapters right now though! :D That must be exciting at least! Oh and this chapter starts around two in the morning so the day is going to be the 28th instead of the 27th.


Chapter FortyTwo- No Pun Intended Man

July 28th: Waxing Gibbous

    Andy and I had spent the whole night watching horror films because he claimed the blood and gore made him feel less angry about what had happened to him. As he put it, at least he hadn't been murdered on the side of the road or anything. I guess he kind of had a point, but I still would never understand his way of thinking. 

    Eventually he fell asleep on the couch, his obnoxious snoring keeping me up for most of the night. Finally, I got up around two in order to make some orange juice and hang out upstairs. I guess I could have kicked Andy out, but he was going through a tough time...I couldn't do that to him. So, I made my stupid orange juice and padded up the stairs. It was when I went to unlock the door that I remembered I hadn't even locked it at all. In fact the door wasn't even closed all the way. 

    Looking around in panic, I went back down to the basement, searching for any sign of Amanda. If what she was saying was true and she wasn't herself at night then I had to think about Andy here. If he died because I'd been too stupid not to lock my door I would never forgive myself. 

    So, I went on a mad seach, looking in every hiding place in the basement. In the end it came down to nothing and I'd spent one hour looking for someone that wasn't there. 

    With a sigh I grabbed my now warm orange juice and went back upstairs, this time closing the door tightly. Thankfully I wouldn't have to worry too much about locking it right now considering I was going to be sitting right on the front porch where I could see both inside the house and outside. I just couldn't let anything happen to the people I cared about even if the person doing the bad things was someone I also cared about. 

    Sipping my orange juice I stared out at the deserted street. When I was younger there still weren't many people who lived here, but it never felt as pitiful as it did now. There had even still been a few people closer to town that lived in the neighborhood, but they all moved out once they heard about my father. Simone was pretty much the only person left, flaunting her house to show the people of Riverwood that there wasn't anything to be scared of anymore.

    The only thing is, now the people did have things to be fearful of. If only they knew the extent of what was going on right under their noses. It was apparent now that some people did know, but there were still so many people that didn't know and probably never would. Riverwood isn't the safe haven everyone wanted it to be yet I couldn't picture living anywhere else in the world. 

    I could remember when I first met Haden and how heartbroken he was when I saw him in town. At the time I'd been pretty hearbroken myself so I felt almost compelled to speak with him. I hadn't ever seen him before and talking with him, I could tell he wasn't from around Riverwood. 

    To be honest, I hadn't really been great friends with anyone until I finally started hanging out with Haden. Although Haden was always pretty serious and had this air about him of don't ask questions, I knew he'd always be there for me. We ended up learning a lot about each other in the coming years, finding out that we were both werewolves. 

    Obviously we both knew about the old legends which only made us more curious as to whether there were more people like us in Riverwood. 

    It had been on a full moon when I changed and Haden watched over me - making sure that I didn't hurt anyone or expose myself - when there was another howl in the wind. Before I was taken over by my werewolf self I'd heard it and then when I woke up the next morning Haden wasn't there. 

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