The causes of procrastination

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Generally procrastination will start somewhere, and in order to defeat it you need to first identify the cause. The most common causes of procrastination are; perfection, lack of motivation, preferring to do simpler tasks, unsure of how to start, putting it off, getting distracted, and knowing that you'll have to try and put effort into it. When dealing with procrastination it is important to first identify the centre of the problem so you know how to crush it like the little bug it is. It may be difficult to identify the problem or it might be a multitude of reasons as to why you're procrastinating so if you don't understand why currently, sit down at a desk and think, "why don't I want to complete this task" if you can't think of a reason then there shouldn't be a problem, go and do it! If you can identify the problem great you've completed the first step.

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