Chapter Two

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Luke's P.O.V

I walk back home with a massive smile on my face, I think I have feelings for Ali.. I-I don't know.

I put on my penola jumper, jeans and a beanie. I walk upstairs and go on twitter to follow a few fans. We just hit 100K followers! I literally screamed! Jai, beau and I are in a pranksters group with our two best friends skip and James! Sometimes alyssa guest stars and she records, and edits with me!

Alyssa's P.O.V

I get out of the shower and blow dry my brunette wavy hair.

I put on a bit of light pink lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara around my crystal blue eyes.

I walk into my room searching through my wardrobe, it's warm outside so I put on a pair of light pink high wasted shorts, a white singlet tucked in, a long grey cardigan and my pink hightop converse.

I looked pretty good if you asked me! I grab my iphone and texted luke as I wrote a note to my mom. "going out for lunch with luke, love you lots xoxo"

My mom and gina are really close, that's partly why Jai, Beau, Luke and I are so close, we're like a big happy family. My dad left me and my mom when I was 3, I don't remember him at all.

I walk out the door and see luke already standing there. "Hey" he says and embraces me into a long hug.

"So where are we going?" As curious as I am, I had to ask him. "Well, it is a secret, but it's a cafe in a near by park, so I thought we can walk."

We start walking, laughing, and I gotta admit,

he's adorable.

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