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I was bitter and bitterness breeds ugliness.

Years later I would be handing in my letter of resignation. That stalker monster would never get a chance to take from me. His slimy hands would have to crawl against someone else's skin.

"Thank you for the opportunity." I smiled as I walked out of that store for the last time.

I had begun to prepare myself for the next chapter in my life. 19 going on 20-years.

"JetBlue here I come!" I sang to myself with a giddy satisfaction.

This was the opportunity that I needed, it was the chance for me to recreate myself. Bitterness had consumed me for a long time. I didn't want to hate the world anymore.

I didn't need to be a mean girl. Scratch that.

"Who do you think you are?" The woman looked down on me as I sat on the bus from the airport on my first day. Bitches.

I was wong. I'm destined to be mean. I roll my eyes and lift my gaze just slightly to eye her at an angle. She stood proudly sandwiched in between two other bitches.

"I'm someone you wouldn't want as an enemy." I sat flatly.

"Heh!" She laughs and her girlfriends chuckle beside her. "As if,"

"What a witty retort," I chuckle.

"What the fuck do you mean? Retort? What's that?"

Oh...dumb bitches.

"Come back? Reply? Response? Words...anything sticking?"

"You're not welcome here. You should just resign before things get unpleasant for you."

Too soon, this group of girls thought that I would allow them to bully me. Poor stupid girls. I looked up at them with a smirk on my face and told them,

"Don't worry ladies, you'll see that working for me ain't too bad."

They looked at each other and placed scowls on their face. The leader with the frizzy brown hair and chubby cheeks spoke first

"We don't follow you" she said.

I smiled "Not now, but you will."

She got closer to my face, I could feel the heat coming off of her. I had gotten under her skin.

"Not ever," she spoke cooly with a hint of irritation.

I leaned in closer so that we were almost kissing and whispered,

"We'll see"

She pulled her face away from me and tried to pretend that what just happened hadn't sparked something inside of her. I saw it, my dear. I saw it.

"We will," was all she could reply. They turned away from me and I felt a slight smile pull at the corner of my mouth.

I knew I had to put them in their place and I had to do it quickly. The hierarchy needed to be upheld. So, instead of being the number two mean girl at school I would become number one. Everyone needs an Alpha and who better than I?

Dare I say it but playing with them became my biggest pastime. Putting those girls in their place was easier than I thought. Secretly, I think they wanted someone to lead them.

I think they needed someone stronger than they were. I was prettier, more confident, smarter, and better than they were. Showing them the error of their ways was very easy.

All I had to do was get a title that one of them wanted and take that person under my wing. Ah, my protege. Submit to me and I will help you rise above the ashes. Submit you shall and submit you did. 

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