Lady Jane

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What Alex saw made her heart skip a beat and not in the good kind of way. The scene in front of her made her freeze. Chubs and Zu were tied up and sitting at the side of Betty but by who. Before Alex or Liam could react Lady Jane stepped out from the her hiding spot behind the side of the bridge, Liam quickly pushed Alex behind him, she didn't really know if she could use her powers to protect herself as she didn't really know how to control her powers and she wasn't  sure if you could protect herself, so she was happy to take his protection confused as to why he had done it but she was happy to accept it.

"What do you want," Liam said, in a surprisingly calm voice. "You all have all gone up in price, so I came to collect, "Lady Jane replied stepping forward as Liam and Alex took a step back. "Not on my watch," Liam said but before he could do anything Lady Jane hit him over the head with her gun and he fell to the ground with a thud. "Now do I need to repeat the same thing with you, Alex," She said aiming her gun at the girl. Did she think I was just about to go with her without a fight, 'cause if she did she was very mistaken.  Alex thought. She made direct eye contact with Lady Jane, she was only a couple feet in front of her, so she stretched her hand out and she was about to hurt her when she hit a button on her gun making white noise ring in her ears, Alex's knees went weak and she started to back away from her however she followed her, stepping over Liam, who was starting to come too, eventually the white noise became so loud that her legs gave out and she was lying on the ground. Lady Jane flipped her around so she was lying on her stomach and she put handcuffs on Alex then she finally turned off the white noise.  Alex sighed in relief but her ears still ringed. She forced her to her feet and was making he walk to the car when both of them were forced to stop.

"LET HER GO!" Liam shouted from behind them. He forced Alex and Lady Jane to turn around. "I won't ask again, let her go," Liam said his eyes still glowing blue, at the rate he was going, he was going to exhaust himself by the end of this. Lady Jane refused to though and that's when Alex's eyes went purple. The cuffs that bounded her hands came flying off with a crash and she gave Liam a look and he released his grip on her and Lady Jane and went to untie Zu and Chubs.

Alex turned to Lady Jane and somehow forced her to turn to face her. Once again she looked Lady Jane straight in the eye only this time she actually used her powers. Without even realising it she forced Lady Jane into her car sent her driving of somewhere she didn't really know where. 

During that whole thing Liam appeared beside Alex. "Please tell me your okay," he said turning to stepping in front of Alex. "Liam, I'm okay, tired but okay," She assured him looking him in the eye. They  were interrupted by Zu running to them and engulfing them both in hug, Chubs joining shortly after. "Come on we should get a move on to The East River, we'll find somewhere hidden to sleep tonight and then set off in the morning," Liam said and they all nodded in agreement. Chubs and Zu climbed into the back of the van and Alex was about to walk to Betty, when Liam grabbed her hand to stop her. "Are you sure you're okay?" Liam asked with a very worried look on his face. "Liam, I'm okay I promise just tired, whatever I did back there I didn't even know I could do," Alex said. He didn't really reply just gave a kind smile and walked towards Betty, still holding her hand before letting go he "Alex, you have to tell me if you're not okay." Sure her ears still ringed a little bit but it was nothing to worry about so she just replied with, "Li, of course I would tell you but I'm fine really." His only reply was "Okay," but before he walked away he placed a kiss on her forehead and walked to get into the drivers seat and Alex got into the passenger seat. "Everybody ready," Liam said turning on the ignition. "Yup," everyone said at once and they were off down the road, the complete opposite direction as Alex had sent Lady Jane down. She was still confused as to how she did it but right now she was too tired to think about it now, so she pulled a book out of her rucksack , the maze runner, one of the books she had gotten out of the mall, she thought it was looked good, so she started to read it while Liam was finding somewhere hidden for them to spend the night.

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