To the End of the World [Zoro x Reader]

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Here you go, @AshliDinkelman  :)

I tried my best, so I really hope you like it (or that you don't hate it at least).

Also, sorry for the delay (╥︣﹏᷅╥).



The scene before your eyes bent sideways as you fell, your eyelids closing slowly as the overwhelming pressure in your head numbed your senses. You collapsed on the floor, barely feeling the mud dirtying your skin or the rain starting to pour from the clouded sky.

Zoro turned around when the heavy thud reached his ears, his widening orbs being the last image your brain processed before you completely blacked out.


Barely regaining consciousness, you felt something soft and yet tough against your temple.

The light hurt your eyes, forcing you to keep them closed, and the ringing in your ears made it almost impossible for you to focus, so you couldn't really tell what was going on.

"Why... you... that?" a voice grunted above you.

You couldn't understand what it was saying, words muffled by the ringing and the sound of your own blood running through your veins.

"Stay... me..." The voice pleaded.

Hardly moving your fingers, you touched whatever was against you, and the distant noises stopped completely before your senses numbed and the darkness consumed your mind yet again.


Your eyelids fluttered open and you sucked in a breath, it feeling like emerging from the water after a long dive.

You took your time to adjust to your surroundings.

You were in some sort of shed, lying on a soft fabric. Sunbeams came in through the small holes in the walls, illuminating the room enough for you to see the few objects that lied around.

Four swords rested against the old wall in front of you, and you took in the details of the handles, the scabbards... you stared at them for a good minute before the memory of Zoro turning around rushed back into your mind.

You managed to sat up, the pain in your head and torso barely bearable and making you nauseous to the point you had to cover your mouth with your hand.

"Zoro..." you groaned, closing your eyes and biting your lip hard enough to distract yourself from the ache and the nausea.

The hinges of the old door cried when it was opened, and soon enough someone rushed to your side.

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