Lets get this goin'

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   Kay so AuthorofKillingPeopl tagged me.

    Do you like someone:
        Yes, his name is Newt from Fantastic Beasts and where to find him. Have you not seen that face?

        Yes, I had to put that in there

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        Yes, I had to put that in there.

     Do they like you back:
    As much as I hate to admit it, he isn't in this world. He's in another, much better one  I'd rather be in. And the actor has no idea I exist so....
      Middle name:
    Mckenzie. Yes its spelled that way, it drives me crazy when people spell it the other way.
        Single or taken:
     Pffft. I'm a single as a pringle. I plan to leave it that way until I'm a famous book author.

     Best girl friend:
        Choosing one is impossible. They are good friends and will kill me if I don't mention them. AuthorofKillingPeopl and Chellashipper101 and obviously Lori even though she doesn't have any account.

     Best guy friend:
        Guys are annoying. I think the only one is Jacob, my old best friend from elementary. Even though I haven't seen him in four years. Maybe Oscar. Which is another old friend.

      Favorite OTP:
   How am I supposed to choose one? Especially when I ship my people in real life? I could name a few though. Marichat, Nalu, Percabeth, Maxamerica, Nora X Patch, Carla X Happy, Erza X Jalal, so many more I'm not thinking of.......

     Last person I texted:
  People actually. Its a group chat. AuthorofKillingPeopl and Chellashipper101.

      Last song I listened to:
    Fairy tail AMV- Remember the name. Its one of my newer favorite songs.

       Battery percentage:

     Lock screen:

      I actually just changed it last night

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      I actually just changed it last night. I had the choice between seeing this and Fantastic Beats and Where to Find them 2 ?
   But I chose to go with my friends.
      Reason you made a wattpadd account:
   Because wattpadd is awesome. The first time I used it, it was the website, I was ready to throw my phone cause I could find out how to work the buttons and stuff. Then I felt left out when Pulse was using it and talking about the stories she found. And then I started to write.

       Birth date:
   December 18th. Year doesn't matter.

    Tag 20 potatoes:
    I'm choosing the people at random for the most part. I either chose you ciase I like you, your stories, or your name and profile picture. If your some how reading this evening if you weren't tagged, that doesn't mean I forgot you!

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