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Broken from my thoughts, I returned my gaze to her. Nightfall had already come. 

"It's closed" I frowned. 

Sometimes I swear I didn't get this girl. It was as though she was incapable of using logic. 

"It's only closed if you are too afraid to climb," she said. 

I wanted to dispute her but a part of me didn't. We walked to the pool area chatting and telling jokes all the way there. Once we arrive I am stunned by what I see. Amanda's head is looking upward. I followed her eyes and saw that the climb was quite high. It had some barbed wire at the top too. 

"Impossible," I said, my jaw falling from my face, my mouth gaped open in shock. 

Green Eyes looked bewildered but he said nothing. I turned to him, hoping I could get him on my side 

"It's too high right?" I asked trepidatiously. Of course, it was too high, he had to see that. They all did. This was madness. 

He stared at me trying to decide if he should side with me or go for the climb. Before he could open his mouth Amanda spoke 

"Think about it, we climb over, get into our underwear, take a dip, spend some 'quality' time together and go back home. What better way to celebrate my birthday than a dip in the pool?" the curl of her lips left little room for argument.

Green Eyes didn't take much convincing. The thought of having me practically naked and clearly intoxicated was an opportunity he wasn't going to pass up. 

"I'm in," he said a little too quickly for my preference. 

The others followed suit. It was only me. I was the only one that didn't want to go.   My mind raced as I tried to think of something, anything to prevent this from happening. I was terrified of heights and Amanda knew this. She knew that I couldn't get over that fence. She knew that I couldn't even climb the monkey bars in the playground. What made her think for one split second that I could do this? 

I had to make one last-ditch effort. "The cops" I blurted out. 

"If they see us we will get arrested." I looked around at all of the faces there. There wasn't a care in the world on any of them. 

There was only one face that offered me a flash of understanding. It was only a flash but it was quickly forgotten. The others were strangers who held no loyalty to me. They were loyal to Amanda. I knew it immediately. They turned almost in unison to see what she had to say. The pride in her eyes was so clear. My dear Amanda had matured over the years. She had found her own crew when she and I changed schools. 

She was her own person now and didn't need me anymore. They would follow her anywhere. A part of me felt pride in my heart for her growth. The other part of me was mad because I wanted to be at home, not here. 

"They won't bother us," she said deadpan. 

Her confidence was all they needed and with those words, they started the climb. I climbed as well though my motivation was greatly lacking. With each step, it felt like the end of the world. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty. I almost fell a couple of times but I kept reminding myself that I needed to get over this fence. 

I had made it over, no gracefully as I would have wanted but well enjoy. I was breathing heavy and I thought that my heart would stop from the fear clenching it. Once I got over the fence, I helped myself to one of the buds and I drank. Green Eyes casually walked over to me and took the bottle from my hand. He didn't say any words but I knew. 

He thought I was getting sloppy. Fuck him...heh...he wished. He held onto the bottle and leaned in to kiss me. We kissed, and he slowly started to take his clothes off. He set the bottle down near the pool and took his shirt off first. I watched him like a predator as he kicked off his sneakers and undid his pants. I was practically salivating at this point. Damn this is one fine ass dude.

He stood there in his boxers staring at me. Heat filled my core. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and stood there in my bra and jeans. His eyes flared with heat. This excited me. I took off my jeans and slowly guided myself into the water. 

"You like what you see?" I said playfully. 

His eyes roamed over my body and settled on my breasts for a moment before roaming up to meet my eyes. 

"I do," he replied simply.

We were both practically naked and I was more than a little intoxicated. We dip into the pool and he slid in right behind me in the water. I felt his erection pressed against my back. It was hot. My back arched into him but as I found myself leaning into his touch I couldn't help but be aware of the world spinning around me.

Damn, I was too drunk for this shit. 

"I like what I feel too," He spoke in a gentle whisper as he caressed my right breast. I moaned softly as our mouths met and the sound fell into his mouth. His tongue demanded entrance and I permitted it. 

"Mmmmm..." I said into his mouth. 

This encouraged him to kneed deeper. Images of Tom flash through my mind. I remembered the way that Tom's fingers felt when he slid them into my jeans and under my panties. Green Eyes didn't make me feel the way Tom did but he was doing something to me that was for sure.

I felt myself growing hotter under Green Eyes touch as I fantasized about Tom's fingers digging into me, with each push it sent a pulse of pleasure through my sex. I tilted my head back breaking away from the kiss as Green Eyes fondled my breasts. 

My hand reached down and grabbed hold of his manness. 

"Yes," he spoke in a husky voice. He'd grown rock hard and I felt the moisture pulling between my legs. My head was swimming. I was starting to feel sick. He must have noticed because he stopped what he was doing to my body and pulled me out of the water. I threw up on the side of the pool.

With shock and awe, the group realized that it is time to get out of the pool and head someplace else. 

"Party's over," a random person said.

"Not yet," Amanda sang. 

My insides were destroyed and I sat there on my hands and knees heaving up the remaining contents of my insides. The magic of the moment between Gree Eyes and I was lost.  I was once again distinctly aware of where and with whom I was. This was unacceptable. Not today. Certainty, not today.  I just want this day to be over with already.

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