I am a good girl

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<3 So.. this chapter actually ended up being a little easier to write than I originaly had thought that it would be. (Im not actually sure if that is a good thing) So yay.. enjoy.. <3

«Open your eyes.»

The harsh silky tones of his voice pulled me out of my deep slumber. Haze invaded my murky mind, making it so much harder to comprehend what was happening around me.

My body automaticly tried to follow his command, slowly easing my eyes open only to have them assaulted by the piercing fluorescent light illuminating the cold white concrete room I found myself in. My eyes eventually won the battle against the too bright ceiling light, and adjusted themselves to the constant onslaught of stabbing whiteness. Everything was so still around me, only the quiet electrical buzzing from the light fixture above and my own breathing could be heard.

Had I dreamt that I heard his voice?


I blinked several times, and tried to turn my aching body towards the direction I was sure that his voice had come from, but the leather restraints held me in place. I was still restrained to the metal table, still unable to move. I was still his prisoner, I was still his.

I felt like the carcass of a frog in science class, pinned down to the table, ready to be dissected. Only I wasnt dead, I was very much alive, and I would feel everything. I would feel the prick of the scalpel as he pierced my skin. I would feel the warmth of the blood as it seeped out of the incision and ran freely down my freezing skin. I would feel every cut, every poke, every jabb, every slice, every burn, and every pull. I would feel everything as he tormented me.

A panicked whimper left my dry parted lips as I struggled to regain control over my shallow breathing.

«Bryan?» The word came out as a whisper, almost as if any loud sounds would unleash something. Something dark, something bad.

«Yes, love?» The answering question came from my left side after a slight delay.

I bit my lip, then took a deep breath before I mustered up the courage to ask the question I really did not want answered.

«W...What are you doing?» My entire body trembled. I wasnt sure anymore if it was from both the cold and the fear, or just from the fear alone.

His face came into view above me, his cold eyes matching his chilled mask to perfection. He didnt answer my question, just countered it with one of his own.

«What am I do to with you love?»

I opened my mouth to answer, but then closed it again, as I concluded that «let me go» was the wrong thing to say at this very moment, and «Sorry» didnt seem any better. There were no «right» words really, no words at all that could be uttered and not make things any worse, so I decided to just keep quiet.

It was the wrong thing to do.

«I asked you a simple question, one that requires an immediate answer.» His sharp tone cut into me, almost as much as the two fingers he suddenly jabbed harshly into the skin of my jaw as he held my already restrained head locked in his fierce grip.

My wide eyes stared up into his dark menacing orbs.

«I dont know.» I squeaked as I broke under the pressure of his gaze, my resolve to remain silent broken in an instant.

The grip he had on my jaw lessened, and he slid his hand away from the aching patches of skin and up to cup my left cheek. I closed my eyes and fought my bodies nonsensical urge to lean my head into the warm welcoming embrace of his hand. Not that I would have been able to actually lean more into his hand due to the restraints holding me down. I could barely move, let alone twist my head.

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