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Allison's pov

"A little to your right, no- no, okay, left, yeah... Perfect."

An evil grin formed on my face as I rubbed my palms together. Oh, sweet sweet revenge! My mind screamed.

I pat Joseph on his back. "Good job Josie." I say as I make my way out of the boys locker room, with my two best friends on toe.

Joseph grinned at me. "Anything for you Ally." His deep voice echoed around the hall of Vino Highschool.

Well, you must be wondering what we're doing outside class at school hours, well, I'd love to break it to you, we. Hate. School.

Before we go into the hating school issue, why don't I introduce myself to you. Oh hey! That rhymed.

My name is Allison Cherry, let's leave the last name out of it, I'm just Allison. No need for my age to be mentioned, I'll just give you a clue, I'll be becoming an adult in two months time, I'm poor, when I mean poor, I'm poor in everything, academics, financial stuff, fashion stuff, socialization stuff, and any other stuff you can think about.

My mom owns a small popular coffee shop here in Vino called Coffee with Vino ... I work there also.

I'm what you would call a trouble maker, a bad girl, a wicked daughter to her lovely mother, A black lover.

I have the face of an angel but the heart of a Demon. OK, maybe i'm exaggerating.

My two best friends go by the name of Joseph and Caleb. Joseph was the fuck boy in our group and Caleb was the one with the  Nerdy brain.

You must be wondering why I don't have girl friends, well, I've got just one word for them. Drama! And I hate drama, I hate being gossiped and talked about, if In any circumstance I turn out to be the gossip of the day, it wouldn't last an hour before I make it stop.

Which brings me to why we are outside during lecture period.

Cody Blendon is spreading rumors about me, dating some new guy and wearing stupid matching outfits. When I got to school this morning, Cody was the first person to see me, and two minutes later, the stupid rumor of me dating one new guy is out!

I don't do dates, I don't do relationships, it makes people weak and vulnerable and I hate feeling weak or vulnerable. I don't like getting attached to things and that's why I vowed that I would never allow myself get stupid enough to date in highschool or college or Ever?!

But we all know that's kinda impossible, but for now, I'm keeping that padlock wedded together.

The word about me and this so called new guy who would probably face my wrath today is spreading like a new song from Zayn, and I can't help but feel very angry about it.

I passed by some girls today and I heard them making comments about how lucky I was to date such a hot guy.

And it seriously pissed me off.

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