Chapter 73

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"Sebastian is here, Little Thing," Drogo said, popping his head in through the door on Peter's room. It was the following morning after my rescue and I was still snuggled up against Peter's side. I was still warring with my emotions; walking the line of grief. "Bring him up, I guess," I mumbled with my eyes closed. "York and Lucas are here too, Little Thing. I think it might get too crowded in Peter's room with all of us," Drogo's tone was a light teasing but still soft. Despair overtook me at the thought of facing the wolves. I didn't move or say anything for a long moment. I sucked in a shaky breath and stared into nothingness. "What do they want?" "To see you, Little Thing. Come on, chin up." I looked over at him and he was smirking at me in his way, and despite not wanting to, I couldn't help but smile back a tiny bit.

Sash. Come here, Sash. Come on, please. I sighed and closed my eyes, hearing Sebastian's thoughts calling out to me. Sash, don't make me come up there and get you. I half laughed, half sobbed at his loving threat. Swallowing with emotions, I finally moved to get off the bed. Peter helped me up off his bed and held my hand as we walked down the hallway to the stairs. Drogo fell in line beside me and wrapped a playful arm around my shoulders. He pulled my temple to his lips for a quick kiss, with the crook of his elbow. I turned to look at him while the three of us walked down the stairs. He smirked at me and his eyes drifted up to meet Peter's. I could hear their minds evaluating me as they exchanged a look. They walked me up to the study door, Peter entering first, leading me by the hand.

Nicolae was there and he gave me a soft look, seeing me and hearing the state of my mind. My eyes reluctantly shifted to Sebastian, York and Lucas who were standing across the sitting area from Nicolae. I had to instantly look down as tears flooded my eyes, blurring my vision. I just stood there, between Peter and Drogo, looking down at the ground, trying to hold in the tears of shame and despair. All of the brothers' words came flooding back to me, about how it hadn't been my fault, but facing the three wolves standing in front of me shattered what little peace I had achieved. A flush of shame heated my cheeks. Still looking at the ground I squeezed my eyes shut, the tears pooling to fall over my lids, streaking down my cheeks to drip from my chin. My chest ached and I wanted to flee from their gaze; fidgeting and almost backing away.

"Sash, look at me," Sebastian whispered. I shook my head. They should never have trusted me; never followed me. I couldn't get the faces of Vince, Yesra and Rick out of my mind. Rick saying goodbye, offering up his neck. Vince's last words of, "Bye, Sash." Yesra's arms holding me until they fell to the floor, as the life faded from his body with the last drop of blood. I felt Sebastian come up to me and the brothers released me, moving away from me. I tried to catch ahold of them again, looking for them, but Sebastian stepped closer and pulled me up against him instead. I had to escape, get away, or. Oh no. God, please no. "Sash." Sebastian's hands brought my face up to look at him, even when I started to back away. He forced me to look into his golden eyes, that held such a deep look of affection and empathy in them. Or I would loose it. My eyes slammed shut as the sobs erupted from me, making me melt on the spot to the point where only Sebastian's hands framing my jaw, kept me from sinking to the floor.

He gently used his hold on my jaw to draw me back up to his chest, wrapping his arms around me, nuzzling his face into my dark hair. I felt more pairs of hands on me, two other warm wolf bodies brushing up against me, comforting me as I sobbed; emptying out all of the despair, the shame, the self-loathing I was carrying. "You're not to blame for what happened, Sash," Sebastian whispered in my ear. "I murdered them!" I wailed. "The Templars did, Sash," Sebastian whispered into my ear. My crying intensified at his words and I tried to shake my head to disagree, even where it rested on Sebastian's chest. "He's right, Sash. Vince, Rick and Yesra each said so, in their last words to their families and packs. They even said how you tried to sacrifice yourself while you were inside and that they wouldn't let you. How they made the choice, that they forgave you." My lips trembled at his words.

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