Chapter 37

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I have to use all the resolve I have in me to hold myself back. If I could, I would release my wolf and rip that asshats throat out. That would be the least of it.

He deserves more. He deserves it all.

And I'm going to let her do it.

"How dare you show your face here. After everything you have done, to me, to James. You are a monster"

She slaps him again and again until father steps in and grabs a hold of her. She turns into him and sobs. He guides her over to me and I take her in my arms. This girl. This amazing, strong and brave girl, is falling apart in my arms. And I hate it. I hate him.

"What do you want? I mean, now that you are here, you have saved us going out and hunting your ass, but why now?"

I stare him down while I hold Aida tightly and keep her face hidden close to my chest.

"Answer Jasper. No matter what you say now, your days will be few and you will reside the remaining that you do have left, in the dungeon."

The grubby and thin little man before us looks from me to father and then down to the sobbing girl in my arms.

He sighs and his shoulders shrink smaller and lower than they already were.

"I know you will not believe me, but I have come to assist you."

"With what? Your daughter that you lied to and drugged? Or my daughter that you treated like some sort of animal?"

Father lets out a deep and ominous growl. It reverberates around the foyer and feels as though the walls vibrate from the tone alone. We all shudder in response.

He steps forward and looks into the eyes of the man that we all arguably believe we hate the most.

"What help can you possibly offer?"

"I can save her."

All of our heads snap up at once. My father steps forward again and now he stands, chest touching Jasper. He towers over him. He bends down and grabs Jasper by the collar and lifts him up to his eye level.

"What do you mean?"

"Amalie. I can reverse it. All of it. But I need time."

My father releases him and he tumbles to the floor in a dirty heap. He cowers there, not bothering to stand. Instead, he gathers his limbs in and rocks back and forward.

It's pathetic.

"I, as you can see, do not need fixing you psychotic bastard. My new family have helped me, more than you ever could."

Jasper lifts his head slowly now, looking for the brave owner of that stoic response.

My girl.

"What do you mean? You... you can shift?"


"How? When?"

"Not that you deserve to know but, Dr Emerson gives me blood transfusions to remove the toxins you plagued me with. It's getting less and less each day."

"So... so you are healed?"

"No thanks to you, yes."

"But, the vampire blood. It runs in your veins. How has she combated that?"

I feel the frown on my face. It is the same one my father wears at this moment.

"What do you mean Jasper?"

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