Oblivion you are my drug

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The rest of the car ride went by in a blur. My frazzled mind did not register any of it. It just happened. Thats it. No sight, no sounds, no smells, no thoughts, no words. It was all just a big mess of numb nothing.

I did not register the car stopping, I just heard the vague sound of a door slamming shut somewhere off in the distance.

My body moved, the blinding whiteness was removed from my sight, but I still could not actually see anything, nothing at all. I could not even blink my eyes.

Have I forgotten how to blink? Surely not? I numbly mused for myself. The odd confusing thoughts that suddenly apparated* into my mind brought tears of laughter to my eyes, accompanied by this high pitched shriek that only showed the tiniest semblance to actual laughter.

The salty tears moistened my too dry eyes and at the same time burned like hell.

Fuck it hurts!

It hurts!

The pain only brought on a new onslaught of tears.


I closed my eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever, and opened them again. Blinking every few seconds now. I pulled several shallow breaths of stale air into my lungs. The air tasted of copper, of oil and mildew. We are in the garage, I soon realised. I twisted my head around as my returning eye sight took in my dim lighted surroundings. The pain searing at my eyes had somehow brought me back from that weird haze I had been in. I wasnt so sure that I actually wanted to be back. That sweet oblivion I had been encased in was more than preferable to the horrors that are bound to come.

My eyes sought out the cold, unyielding man at my side. Nothing showed in his handsome face. Not a sliver of emotion was to be found lingering in his cold wretched mask. I suddenly felt the grip he apparently had around my left wrist tighten substantially, before he abruptly turned and dragged me after him like I was some sort of petulant child.

I dug the heels of my black ballerinas into the concrete floor below me, trying desperately to stop him, to slow him down, to make him let go of my aching hand. None of the above happened, my struggles only resulted in his firm grip growing even more harrowing.

He opened the door leading from the garage and into the house and went through it, pulling me with him. I desperately grasped at the frame of the door in panic as it passed by, my right hand clutching so hard on to the dark wooden frame that the knuckles on my hand turned white. He yanked hard on my left arm, but I refused to budge even though the pain in my wrist brought on a fresh batch of tears to my eyes. I held on to that hard piece of wood like my life depended upon it.**

Suddenly the pressure on my left wrist disappeared, which in turn made my hand drop down to my side for half a heart beat before I directed it to join my right hand, clinging on to the wooden doorframe for dear life.

I felt him at my back. His towering presence like a nightmare from the deep abyss.

No, no, no, no, no, please gods no!

His hands slid around my waist, his tall frame hugging me from behind for several heartbeats before he mercilessly yanked me away from the door frame.

I would have let out a shriek of despair, but the rough yank of his arms against my abdomen robbed my lungs of all their prestored air. I sucked in several rapid breaths of air as I aimlessly clawed at his hands with my aching fingertips.

I opened my mouth and shrieked several outrageous profanitys at him, the next slightly worse than the last. He blantantly ignored the onslaught of my words and hands on his person as he proceeded to turn me deftly around in his own arms, then throw me roughly over his right shoulder. His shoulder slammed hard into my stomach robbing me of air for the second time, and at the same time halting my shrieks for a few seconds before they returned in full force. This time they were accompanied by the act of sobbing and begging instead of insulting.

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