Another date?

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Mavis made hell on earth for her husband, once he explained his plan.

In the meantime, Drac and I were amusing ourselves. At the library, he sat in an armchair, while I sat sideways on his lap.

"You think Mavis would go easy on Jonny?"

Drac smiled satisfied, "I know my daughter. He will get what he deserves."

"This is what worries me."

"I think there is something else for you to worry about."

I didn't understand what he meant, "Huh?"

His smile got wider, "For example, you should worry about what you wear on our next date."


Since when did we agree on another date? He didn't even ask me if I wanted to, "What makes you think I would like to date you again?"

This question struck him l a fist to the face. From a confident vampire, he turned to a shy boy, "But, I and me...we..." I couldn't take it anymore. He was acting adorable!

"I am just messing with you Drac. I would love to go on a date with you, again."

He frowned looking away, "Don't ever do that again."

"Sorry, I couldn't resist" I said, sticking my tongue out, "Sooo, when is our date?"


"Tonight?" I repeated.

"Tonight, at the pool."

I grinned wide, "okay, but I want you to wear something else." "Oh and don't forget a swimsuit. We might go for a swim afterwards."

"Instead of a swimsuit, would you prefer me in a thong?"

His look was deadly, "N/A, Keep such tasteless jokes to yourself."

"You are such a killjoy. No wonder you getting old."

Ops! That was the wrong thing to say. The vampire sees this as a challenge, proving me wrong. He didn't reply to that, but his body language said that he was up for it. Pulling me off his lap, he walked out the door, "Tonight at the pool. Don't be late."

Oh, I made sure that I was not. Roaming through Lora's clothes again, I found a beach dress, including a black bikini, "Let's see how far I can really go with you, count." Drac was also getting ready for his date. But there was one problem...he had no other clothes. His only option is to get them out of the bin, if there wasn't Dennis puppy, going through the garbage. Drac panicked at the sight of his shirt in the dogs mouth, "No Tinkles, spit it out!"

It was a nightmare. The clothes were dirty, smelly and soaked in drool. His white pants looked even worse. The last thing he wanted is to wash his clothes, his patience runs thin, "Why isn't that stain going out?!"

I had it more relaxing. Twirling around, inspecting myself in the mirror. After having a good time, I almost forgot that I came to the hotel with two friends of mine, "Where are they?" On my Smartphone were no messages. I tried to call them another ten times, only to get their voicemail, "I take care of this after the date." It wasn't like them to stay away without letting me know.

At night was time, to see my lover boy of a vampire.

Next to the pool was a table with candlelight, a bottle and two glasses. I was two minutes late, but from what I see, he wasn't even there. I went back into the lobby, seeing Mavis at the reception.

"Mavis, did you see your dad?"

"No, not since last night..." her face turned a little guilty"...speaking of which, I am sorry that Jonny had tricked you."

"Don't be, it wasn't your fault. And besides, we never had so much fun together."

I waved her good bye, going back to the pool.

Our conversation had lasted only two minutes. But the person I saw must have sat there for years. He was nothing but bones, "Seriously, I am just four minutes late. Don't be such a drama queen."

"I am right behind you N/A"

I turned my head form Drac to the skeleton, "If you are here, who is..." The vampire stopped my sentence, "If you don't mind, we have a date here."

The skeleton moved, "Oh sorry Drac, my wife said that we are having a candlelight dinner for our anniversary." He left quickly, letting us be. Like a gentleman, Drac had pulled my chair back. Once I sat down, he used his power to push the chair back. I watched as the vampire took his seat, starring deep into my eyes, "Did I ever tell you how ravishing you look?"

"Not in words" I teased, rubbing my leg against his.

Drac got uncomfortable. While he had washed his clothes, his mind planned on the entire thing he could say to me. With one touch, it was all gone, ""

"How can you tell?" I asked seductive, raising my leg higher. Only for him to stop my movement, "I...had a feeling."

Sure you have, I thought. The moment he had order his waiter to get us our meal, I was licking my lips satisfied. The night is still young and this...was just the warm up. Let's hope the count can handle this.

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