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Baekhyun was driving to the company with his manager beside him when he hears a crowd of people shouting,mostly girls

They see a black van in front of the company's entrance but a massive of people were bumping the windows as they screamed with anger

"What's happening??" Baekhyun ask as he stopped the car

His manager didn't answer but took out his phone instead..

" is rebeX manager..we can't can't get in..what's the problem here..there are angry fangirls protesting-"

Baekhyun was still looking through his tinted window and receive a tap..

"What??..why dont the people in front go out??" Baekhyun says as he pointed at the car ahead of them..knowing it wasn't easy to go out with the amount of people blocking the doors

"It seems like there waiting for them!" Baekhyun added..he was pissed to wait as he wants to see how his girlfriend...

"Baekhyun...just wait..the girls are from your fandom..."

Baekhyuns eyes widen..

"I spoke with venus's manager..he said its not safe for taeyeon to go out of the car..I think their still talking inside.."
The manager said while looking at the car ahead of them

Baekhyun immediately took put his phone..his pissed face turns to worry..

He dialled his girlfriends number...


Baekhyun: "taeyeon! Are you at the company!??"

Taeyeon: "....were at the entrance..b-but we cant seem t-to get in.."

Taeyeon was being cut with the sound of girls yelling outside her car

Baekhyun noticed taeyeons voice was close to crying

Baekhyun: "babe..just stay in the car!don't go out,you might get hurt! Okay??!"

Baekhyun was so worried he anxiously waited for taeyeons reply but recieved nothing but screaming girls and people talking

...baekhyun still listening through the phone..


"I-I cant Go Out!!T-They hate me" baekhyun hears his girlfriend's voice cracking

"..taeyeon we have no choice theres far too many of them!" Baekhyun hears a mans voice

"H-How d-do I get out..then inside.." baekhyun was worried taeyeon will go out the car...

Baekhyun: "TAEYEON!! DONT GO OUT! Just go somewhere else and let them leave for waiting!babe??"

Taeyeon: "baek..I-I cant...dont worry..we have guards...okay?? I love you..."

Baekhyun: "babe! Dont you dare go out-"

*call ended
Baekhyun sighed then whispered.."I love you too..."

The crowd of angry fangirls became louder only making baekhyun die of worry...

Baekhyun watched taeyeons car worriedly

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