Episode 30

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I really just felt bad the last few days

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I really just felt bad the last few days. I couldn't stand to stay in our house. If not for Honey, I would've talked Cole into letting me sleep over in his apartment.

Anyway, I decided to go see my parents. I really needed to see them. I hadn't been home since I first left.

Honey and Cole came along. There was no way I could leave her alone in the house.

Still, I trembled when my childhood home came into view.

Cole wrapped an arm around me and led me up to the door.

That was when the door swung open. Mom was standing in the doorway. "Cy?"

I threw my arms around her. "Mom!"

She smiled. "I missed you, sweetie."

"I missed you, too." Tears poked out of the corners of my eyes.

She turned to Cole and Honey. "Come on in. We haven't had any guests in so long!"

Cole picked Honey up and came into the house. "I'm Cole. This is Honey."

"Nice to meet you, sweetie. Is she your dog?"

I answered before he could. "She belongs to a friend of ours."

I could feel the anxiety in his eyes. "He had to leave for a job he had to do. Since it was so last-minute, he didn't have a chance to bring her with him. That's why we've been taking care of her."

"How sweet of you both!"

It was hard to keep a steady face. Mom didn't know the half of it. Alastair was a Key Keeper. If more people knew that, they wouldn't take kindly to it.

Really, I wanted to cry, but I couldn't at that moment. I wouldn't be able to give a decent explanation of why.

"I need a break. It feels good to be home."

"I bet it does." She glanced at Cole. "Have both of you eaten?"

Cole glanced at his terminal. "Oh, I'm fine." He whispered in my ear, "I need to take care of something."

I raised an eyebrow. Had his sponsor left him a message?

He went back outside. Honey followed him out.

"He seems like a nice boy." Mom winked. "I think you did good with him, Cy."

My cheeks burned. "Mom!"

What did Alastair think of us? Actually, how often had he seen us together? Did he think Cole was probably my boyfriend? Then again, he was busy. With how bad Ame was at her job, he had been through so much since he got here.

"Well, I wouldn't have any problems with it if you were."


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