When It Pours

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It all feels so empty. How ironical is that I am feeling isolated in a cafe which is brimming with customers.

"Table number 5, Rose."

I looked back leisurely to meet the smiling face of my employer, Martha. She was expectingly looking at my face to see a smile but all she received from me was a nod.

How much I wanted to return that smile to her I couldn't as I have long forgotten how to smile. The only two things that now bring smile to face is seeing children play and when my only friend pulls out some foolish stunt.

Martha is a great woman, my saviour. That night when I laid on that cold floor stark naked as the day we are born with blood over and around me, she took me to a hospital and afterwards even gave me this job.

I made my way towards table 5 when I heard her weak voice again.

“This is going to be the last table for you today."

She knows it too well that I never stay out after sunset. Everything changed that day. She knows I need to reach my home before sunset. I am too terrified to be out alone after dusk.

I made my way to table 5 where two men in business suits were sitting. No doubt they were handsome but I have seen better in past.

"And even worse .", My subconscious mind painfully whispered.

I sighed and put on one of my fake smiles and went to then.

"Hello sir, my name is Rose. Today I will be your server. What can I get for you?", I asked in an empty voice.

“I will have a black coffee.", the taller one said and to my surprise his tone was polite. I looked towards the other man on the table.

“And for you sir?"

“I will like a cold coffee along with a brownie.", The man said while smirking.

I nodded my head and went back to the kitchen to get their orders prepared. Soon I went back to their table and served them.

After a while I saw them leaving the cafe. Thus I went back to the table to collect the bill and saw a small amount of tip which I put in the pocket of my apron.

I headed back to the staff changing room to collect my bag and remove the apron.


I looked back to find my co-worker, Alan looking at me hopefully.

"Umm, you remember I ..."

Before he could complete I took out a piece of paper from my bag and handed it to him.

As soon as I gave him that paper, he started grinning like a lunatic.

"Thank you. Now you wait and watch I will make the best cupcake for Isabelle. The look on her face will be worth my efforts.", Alan said dreamingly.

I awed Alan at that moment, Isabelle his wife loves the cupcake from my hands. Thus he wanted to surprise her on her birthday by making those cupcakes from his own hand.

"Isabelle is lucky to have a husband like you."

Saying this I parted from him to make my way to my apartment in the downtown.

"What about your husband?", my subconscious mind asked. I had no answer to this question.

People believe that a person in depression becomes a loner and doesn't talk to anyone. But that is a partial truth as a person in depression is always talking and fighting with his own subconscious mind.

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