:Chapter 8:

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"So you've seriously hadn't had a milkshake in five years?" Isaac asked as he sat on the bed with me. "My doctor put me on a diet, he doesn't like it when I break it." I said and Isaac nodded at that.

"I know it sucks, man do I miss milkshakes, my mom rarely lets me break it." I told Isaac who nodded. "Well if you want to have one you can ask me, my older brother keeps a stash hidden in his old room of ice cream. I'm sure I can get some." Isaac said.

And I didn't even deny it. Soon Isaac and I were getting into that stash. "Got a preference?" Isaac asked as he opened the freezer room. "Nope." I told him and Isaac grabbed a peanut butter ice cream which looked delicious as well as sounded delicious, I did love peanut butter.

Isaac and I went down as he cleaned a blender before grinning. "Ever have a malt?" Isaac asked. "No." I said. "Well it's like a milkshake, but with some malted milk power, trust me it's delicious." Isaac said and I smile. "Lets do it." I said and Isaac grinned.

Soon we were scooping tons of ice cream into the big blender, about eight scoops, loaded it with milk. "And now the powder." Isaac said with a grin. And then he put in a nice amount before hitting blend as I laughed and Isaac grinned as the blades sliced it up into a nice thick liquid.

And then he got some glasses down before pouring the malt. "Not done yet." Isaac said as he grabbed straws, Hershey syrup and some whip cream. "My mom would kill me." I told him. "Then lets keep it secret." Isaac said. I grinned as he poured our malts.

And then came the whip cream that he made a huge mountain out of before drizzling the chocolate syrup and sticking a straw in. And then we were outside on the swing sitting next to each other drinking our malts with big smiles on our face.

"So is it good?" Isaac asked and I nodded at that. "Delicious." I said and Isaac smiled as he drank his. "It's my favorite, my mom makes them all the time in the summer along with milkshakes and healthy fruit popsicles." Isaac said and I smiled at that. "I'll defiantly be here this summer." I said. Isaac grinned.

"Your mom seems cool, I like her, I wish my mom was like her at times." I said. Isaac nodded. "Let me guess overbearing and protective?" Isaac asked and I nodded at that as I rubbed my arms as Isaac watched me with his black eyes and the silver ring.

"I grew up being practically a lab rat for doctors as my parents did everything to expand my life. The only thing they care about is expanding it, I just want to enjoy life, even if it's short." I told Isaac who tensed up a little at that.

Then he got rid of it and smiled at me. "I'm sure life won't be short for you." Isaac said. "What makes you so certain?" I asked and he smiled. "I just know it, you were meant to die early." Isaac said with a smile and I returned it.

"And negative thinking isn't good Lore, think positive, I'm sure you'll live long and happy, even if I have to be that happiness." Isaac said making me blush at just the thought of that. "Your a good friend." I said and Isaac smiled at me. Did I want him to be more than a friend.

The logical side of me said no, the lustful side looking for love said yes. That I wanted Isaac to be everything to me. But I had no desire to scare him away. And then I remembered Isadora integrating me on if I had boyfriend acting as Isaac's wing girl.

Like Isaac liked me. Did he like me? I didn't know. Maybe it's why he was so nice to me, or maybe he was just a good person. "So where's Venom?" I asked thinking of that delightful wolf hybrid that I wanted to shrink and take home with me.

He was so well behaved. I'd steal him if I could. He was by far the cutest thing I have come across for sure. "Out roaming no doubt, you seem to like him a lot." Isaac commented and I couldn't help but smile. Because Isaac was right, I did like Venom a lot.

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