Another Day In The Office

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Chapter 2

Several days later, my wounded hand was on course for making a speedy recovery and I was able to avoid the emergency room and stitches. Tammy thought it was hysterical, and offered to be my personal slave, but I had to politely decline her offer; I didn't need that in my life. I didn't have much time to think about much, other than work, and certainly not the message until Thursday night. I was sitting on my couch with a glass of red wine, my usual routine, and suddenly it crossed my mind. I knew it was stupid, but curiosity got to the better of me. Opening my laptop, I logged on the website and found that the little chat box was still open, and a couple more messages appeared.

Gamerguy_85: Hi, sorry if this is a bit random. I was just scrolling through and saw your profile picture. You look very sweet in your pic. If you want to talk, I would love to chat for a while.

Gamerguy_85: Hmm, shows that you are online, sorry if the first message was to forward. Probably look like a total creep, lol. Well since I'm embarrassed enough, let me just say it one more time. I'm around if you want to chat. :)

"Well great, now I feel guilty," I think to myself. He was just being nice. He probably wants a nude picture later, but at least he has the decency to pretend to be nice at first. I sighed, and with another swig from the wine glass, typed a reply:

Bookbabe2: Hi gamerguy, sorry to take such a long time to reply. I accidentally cut my hand open the night you sent this. I was a little distracted. And... sorry for this horrid username. See, my best friend made this account for me. I was basically hog tied and tortured into this.

*Click!* There, sent. Now I can go to bed with a clear conscious. I scrolled through Netflix until I found something relatively mind numbing to watch. I eventually found some nature documentary. I normally loved watching shows like this, but tonight, I just needed something that would relax me enough until it was time to go to bed. Today was a hard day. With my boss breathing down my back, nitpicking everything little thing I did, I felt like I was going to rip my hair right out of my head. Or maybe her's. I liked my hair. Several projects are due within the next week, and trying to stay on task while I was feeling just so.. Empty.. Well, let's just say that I need to get my butt moving. Besides, who wouldn't feel better after watching some baby animals?


I glanced back over to my laptop, and saw that gamerguy_85 had messaged me again.

Gamerguy_85: No worries, book... ah, girl? I'm sorry your hand got hurt. Hopefully it is feeling better. I think you might be able to change your username, if it bothers you that much. Do you have another name I can call you? Bookbabe is a little.. Provocative. :)

Bookbabe2: Hmm.. how about we just cut to the chase? My name is Jenny. I don't mind you calling me that.

Gamerguy_85: Jenny, what a beautiful name. Well, how are you tonight? Cut any more body parts? *laughs*

Against my better judgement, I snorted and typed another response, and before I knew it, I had been up for over an hour and a half, my documentary long over. Something about Gamerguy_85, or Jonah, as I found out his real name, made me want to talk to him. He could hold a conversation, at least over text.

Turns out, Jonah lived in Oregon, which I thought was awesome. Living in Colorado, I have never been west of Nevada. Yes, Tammy dragged me to Vegas. No, we will not talk about that. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Anyway, he worked from home, so he didn't have the excuse to meet someone at the office. He joined the website more for chatting purposes, rather to find his soulmate or whatever. I really liked Jonah, he was an easy person to talk to. But I held up my guard, knowing fully well what it is like to let your guard down and get hurt.

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