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Sonora sat on the front porch of her house watching the ocean roll in and out on the small beach across the road. She laid her head back against the blue Adirondack chair and twisted in her seat. I'm so restless. I have been almost from the day Ian left.

It had been a month since she had said goodbye to him in her grandfather's kitchen. He said he wouldn't be gone long. I guess when your eighty-three, and you're going to live hundreds of years, a month doesn't seem all that long.

More and more, Sonora found herself at the beach hoping to catch sight of him rising from the waves, hoping that he would know she was there waiting for him. But no matter how many times she stood in the warm tide, he didn't come, and she couldn't help but be a little worried.

Sonora often went to her grandfather, the only person she could talk to about who Ian really was, when she needed comfort.

"Grandpa, do you think the Atlantians thought better of us because we helped get the Artifact back?"

"I don't know, Sunny. That is my hope."

"Do you think they are still debating it? Do they debate this long?"

"They don't debate, they discuss. Sometimes rather heatedly, I've heard."

"Surely everything will be okay, Grandpa."

"I'm sure it will. They are kind people at heart."

"Yes, you are, Grandpa."

Blake smiled. He didn't often think of himself as Atlantian anymore. It was nice Sonora did.

"If he doesn't come soon, is there some way you could go check on him?"

"Oh, honey, I'm not welcome there. I don't think that would do anyone any good."

Sonora nodded her eyes on the ground. "Grandpa, I'm worried. Do you think everything is okay?"

"Oh, I'm sure everything is fine. Ian just needs a little more time," Blake said even though secretly he was becoming as anxious as Sonora about Ian's absence. "He said he'd be back, and he will."

Sonora nodded. It is true, Ian has always done what he said he would do. Except for the dragging me back to the sea part. And while I don't want to be dragged anywhere, something about his urgency is rather attractive. He'll be here. He said he would, and he will.

Until he showed up at her door, she had her memories.

Sonora twisted back to the other side of her chair as her mind replayed her Sierra's wedding. The moment she had looked up and seen him crossing the room, straight for her. She had been so surprised she had almost forgotten to breathe.

She giggled at herself. That was the night I knew, I really knew, that this thing between Ian and I could be more.

Before that, all his explanations about Atlantians, their Intendeds and how he felt about her, especially his spying had all frightened her. All she had got out of it was that he was just as confused and upset as she was because he had fallen for a human.

But the wedding, that was perfect. From the moment I saw Ian's beautiful face. He had come to terms with being with a human, and I fully registered that he and his people were real and not just some kind of dream. The moments we spend talking, really talking, on the balcony were some of the best of my life.

The person he is on the inside is drawing me closer. I'm falling in love with him. Why is he taking forever to come back?

Sonora had felt that flash of him when he dove off the balcony and thought the feeling would stay, but it had passed. The next morning when she had seen him at her grandfather's it was gone.

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