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Next day

Ellen’s POV

I woke up with Louis on me, his head on my stomach and body between my legs, my arms were draped over him and one hand was tangled with his hair, I don’t remember falling asleep like this, Saturday went by pretty fast, lounging around for the whole day, we never spoke about Friday night but I know we were both thinking about it. I lay looking at the roof, my fingers fiddling with Louis’ hair subconsciously, a while past and he shifted, rolling off to my side and nuzzling into me, his arms wrapped tightly around me and his legs tangled with me.

“Good morning.” He says softly.

“Morning.” I greet him and look down to see his already looking up at me, he shuffles up the bed and lies beside me on his side, our lips connect in a moments embrace before he lies he head on his elbow watching me, I look back up at the roof. “Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask not glimpsing at him and he traces the necklace around my neck, the one he gave me the day I left Australia.

“No reason.” He tells me and I look towards him, his blue eyes locking with my multi coloured ones instantly, I roll on my side and he wraps an arm around me pulling my body closer as I lie on my elbow. “Your very pretty.” I blush slightly at his words.

“And you’re the only thing I can see.” He laughs and rolls back before facing me again and handing me my glasses, I thank him and slip them on, “Oh my god, is this really what the world looks like?” I ask and run my hand down his face, “Is this really you?” we both laugh and he kisses my lips ones.

“This is really me.” he says and I pull his arm out from being folded under his head and lay my head on his arm also.

“You’re really hot.” I state and giggle as he nuzzles his nose to mine before going back to his potion, both of us using his arm as a pillow. “Does your mum know you’re been here since Friday?” I ask and he shakes he head, “Shouldn’t you tell her?”

“She knows I wouldn’t be anywhere else, plus is she thought otherwise she would call.”

“Maybe your phones dead.” I say and we both look towards the bed side table, I reach for the two phones and they both still have battery, “Okay maybe she just figures.” He wraps his arm around me tighter and I move me head up to the bend of his elbow, our noses touching ever so slightly.

Week later

“Can I take you somewhere?” Louis asks as we lie on his bed and I nod, he sits up and I do the same letting him drag me from the bed and out of his bedroom, we go down the hall and say bye to his family before getting in his car, we drive for a while and I begin to see a lot of trees.

“Your taking me to the place you’re going to kill me aren’t you.” I look towards him and we both laugh slightly.

“Yes someday this will be the place I kill you, far away from civilisation so no one can hear you scream.”

“That’s what I thought.” I laugh and look back out the window, soon the car comes to a stop at a dead end and we are surrounded by bush land, I look towards Louis who is climbing out of the car, I do the same. “Why are we here?” I look towards him and he motions for me to come around the car, I do and he takes me hand.

“Were not there yet.” He tells me and starts walking away from the car, towards the trees, we walk down a trail that I think once might have been occupied but lost of people but now is vacant.

“How long until we are there?” I ask as I step over sticks and dead animals that I wish I never saw.

“Not long.” He said and pulled me up onto an old fallen down tree which blocks the path, we jump down and continue to wall until the trees finally clear and there’s bright green grass, its surprisingly not that long even though the trail seems abandon, the grass hasn’t grown much, I look towards where I heard a splash and see Louis’ clothes and shoes on the grass, I make my way towards them an see Louis treading water in a small creek, which is extremely clean.

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