Chapter five

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If you can't wake up from
A nightmare.....maybe your
Not asleep.

Five months later:
Jack POV:
Tick tock
Tick tock
That's all I hear as I sit here with Lilly.
I haven't seen her beautiful eyes In so long.
That I am longing to see them soon.
But not the sad eyes that she had, had for three years.
But the ones filled with joy.
The joy and happiness that once filled her soul.
I carefully comb her hair with the hand made brush she bought.
I turn around to make sure no one is here with me.
Actually why should I care if they see me?
I shouldn't care if they see me here, but I should've cared when she was pleading for help through her eyes.
I stop brushing her and gently put the brush down on the side table.
"I know I don't visit quite's not because I don't miss you or just don't want to come in general."
"It's that when I look at you, laying on this bed..looking as if you were lifeless my guilt starts kick in. It's truly a horrible feeling, but I know I deserve my guilt and conscience eating me up inside."
"You know I need you to wake up soon, because I promise that when you do you won't ever have to feel alone, scared, depressed, the willingness to cut. I'll make sure of it. I promise."
I groan in frustration.
"Just wake up for me."
Silence was the response I got.
And that's how the room stayed for a while.

Daniels POV:

I kiss her soft gentle lips.
She starts to take off her shirt.
I let her.
The kiss becomes more like a make out.
I start to leave a trail of kisses down her neck.
I hear her let out soft moans.
I continue down alway to her belly button.
"I want you D-Daniel," I hear Miranda plead me.
I pull away and sit up on the bed.
She sits up straight.
Confusion written all over her face.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, i just have to finish work." I get up and put on my shorts.
Miranda scoffs, the says "don't start something you can't finish."
I turn around and look at her.
"It's not that i can't finish it's that I don't want to finish."
I walk out of the room and into my office.
I start to feel guilty.
I just can't have sex with her.
We've only been together five months. Technically four months because tomorrow is our fifth month anniversary.
I know it sounds weird that I can fuck a bunch of girls and then leave them, but I can't have sex with my girlfriend.
But it's's not just quick sex it's I don't know how to explain, but it's just different.
I walk into my office and slam the door behind me.
I need to set up our date. But the thing is I am a horrible planner, so I got Micheals help.
Since he is the "ladies man."
He planned a beach date, like the ones you see in the movies and shit.
I also got Miranda a diamond necklace.
The hard part is that I didn't want to give it to her since it was Lilly's old necklace.
I took from her vanity since I knew I wouldn't see her for a long time.
I was going to go train to be Mafia leader. I decided that I needed something to remember her.
So I took the necklace.
Miranda saw it in a frame that i keep in my closet.
She instantly fell for it. She asked if she could have it, but i said no.
She got mad at me, however I didn't care.
She begged and begged.
She even took it to an event after I told her no.
Now i resolved that I should give it to her.
After all she is my girlfriend and I needed to get rid of the memories of Lilly.
I stare at the beautiful necklace.

I can see why Miranda fell In love with it

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I can see why Miranda fell In love with it.
I put it into its original box.
She better take care of it, just like Lilly did.
I pull out one of the drawers out.
I pick up the picture of Lilly and I.
The one that used to be framed and set perfectly on my bedside table.
Miranda said that she didn't like a picture of me and another girl on the bedside table, so I needed to store it somewhere, and I did.
I know it's weird that I am following orders mostly since I am the worlds most feared Mafia Leader, but there's an explanation to this. I put the picture back in the drawer.
I start to work on the projects that I put on hold.
*ten minutes later*
I hear the door open. I look up to find Miranda. "I'm sorry for trying to push you into having sex."
She gets closer, then sits on my lap.
"Okay I don't care now get off me."
"What the fuck is up with your attitude."
I scoff. "Honey you shouldn't be talking."
"Fuck you Daniel." She groans in frustration.
"Look I am sorry Miranda for having an attitude but I've been really busy and stressed out." I put my head in my hands.
" I understand love, but that doesn't mean you have to be a bitch towards me."
I nod.
"Yeah I am sorry."
"Apology accepted."
The door slams open.
"Boss I have something really important," it was Micheal and he looked like he was in shock.
"I am busy it can wait," he shakes his head.
"No sir it's really important," he argues.
"I SAID IT CAN WAIT NOW LEAVE," I yell, and he finally agrees.
He exits the office. And I decide to take the rest of the day off....

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