Chapter 20 That Should Be Me

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Hi guys! Here's Chapter 20!!!!! Whoooooo 20 chapters!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow's my one month anniversary on Wattpad, too! That's cool. I should really wait until tomorrow to upload this so it's like "one month 20 chapters" but I won't cuz you guys are such great fans and you deserve this TODAY! Please fan, vote, and comment on this 20th chappie! Love you guys so much!


Chapter 20

***Claudia's POV***

I went to get out of the limo, but got picked up and thrown over Louis' shoulder. Gosh, if I'm going to be living with these guys, I need to learn some cool ninja move in order to get out of this position. That's the 2nd time today I've been thrown over somebody's shoulder.

"Louis! Put me DOWN!" I screamed. He paid me no attention and ran inside. He dropped me ungracefully onto the couch. I got up and grabbed his wrist and twisted it, flipping him over just as ungracefully onto the couch.

"Girl, you need to teach me how to do that!" Dani exclaimed, while El just nodded her head distantly. What's up with her?

"Okay," I replied, "Anyone want to help me set up my laptop?"

In response, all the boys and Danielle came running over and piled onto the couch, trying to grab the computer from me. Eleanor just dawdled over, like she didn't have a care in the world.


15 minutes later, it was only Liam, Danielle, and I still there, and I think Danielle was only here since Liam was. Also probably she's too polite to just get up and leave, unlike other people who will remain nameless...

"There ya go," Liam said, "It's mostly set up. Do you have a Twitter?"

"I might actually...," I said, thinking, "Yeah, I made one a while ago. I haven't been on it in years."

He brought up the Twitter home-site, "Do you remember your log-in stuff?"

"Maybe," I said, and typed it in, "Yup," I said when it worked.

I looked at the screen, "I have almost 10,000 followers!"

Danielle laughed, "You'll get more," She said, "That's just the really dedicated Directioners that practically stalk the boys. They go and they look for anybody that could possibly be linked to One Direction, and follow them. You haven't been officially released to the public yet, so that's just because of your last name; most probably don't know that you're related to Zayn, they're just hoping."

I nodded, and sent out a tweet:

' @claudiamalik I'm back! Haven't been on here in forever!'

Instantly, I got tons of replies:

' @1Dismine   @claudiamalik are you related to Zayn?!'

' @harrystyles<3 @claudiamalik where were u?'

 ' @kevinthepigeon @claudiamalik can u get  me  an autograph?'

An so on. A whole lot about Zayn.

"Your family doesn't have a computer, right?" Liam asked.

"Yeah..." I said, unsure of his point.

"But Abby does?"


"Do you think they would want to video chat us using her computer?"


"So text, call, whatever!" He said proud of his idea.

I picked up my phone and searched for the contact I had entered earlier: Mum.

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