Chapter 4

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     "It was incredible," Serena said, gushing. "When  I was up on stage, I felt unstoppable. I never wanted the moment to end."

     My eyes softened as Serena put her elbows on the lunch table and rested her chin on her hands. She was looking around the cafeteria, looking in a daze. I could tell she was reliving the moment in her mind.

     "How do you feel?" Liam asked me.

     "Good," I said, shrugging. "I thought I'd hate it, but... it was nice to see the crowd's reaction. I felt proud about my singing."

     After the event, I had gone home and relived the moment in my mind - just like Serena. The memory left my heart pounding and I had smiled, feeling just like how Serena described. With the crowd's reaction, Serena's happiness, and Carson's words, I felt unstoppable. And from that, a part of me wished the moment hadn't ended.

      "You should be," Liam said. "You were incredible. Your voice... it left people touched."

     I blushed, embarrassed and shrugged. Liam shook his head from my reaction and smiled, and Serena smiled as well. I'd never seen her so happy.

     "The crowd's reaction was amazing," Serena said. "They loved me. Well, they loved your voice. I've never seen them go so crazy over a performance."

     "You really made it seem like you were singing," I said. "You seemed so passionate that anyone would believe you were the one singing your heart out."

      Serena grinned at my words and I smiled. It was strange how for once, none of us were arguing. Instead we were complimenting each other and even though it was unusual, it was a nice change.


     We all looked to our right and my eyes widened when I saw Carson standing there. He was staring at Serena, his hands shoved into his pockets. When I continued to stare at him, his hazel eyes went to mine for a moment, and I blushed. Remembering the way Carson confronted me and my excuses, I cringed.

     "Oh, hi Carson," Serena said, flushing. "What's up?"

     "My dad wants you to become a regular singer at Vandos," Carson said. "Are you up for it?"

     Liam and Serena's jaws dropped and my eyes widened. We all stared at Carson for a moment, stunned, which made him uncomfortable. He ran his fingers through his blond hair and scowled, annoyed with the lack of response.

     "What do you think?" Carson said, sighing.

     Serena glanced at me and I stared at her, unable to respond. My answer was no. Singing for Serena was never supposed to become a regular job and she knew that. She promised me this was a one time thing, but I couldn't tell her that. With Carson there, I couldn't tell Serena no.

     "Yes," Serena said, looking back at Carson. "That sounds amazing. Thank you so much."

     "No problem," Carson said, smiling. "Meet me at the parking lot at three. We'll go over a few details then."

     "Sounds good. Can Nivenah come?"


     Carson nodded and then walked off, and I looked at Serena. I was horrified and when she looked at me, an expression of guilt appeared on her face.

     "I thought me singing for you was just a one time thing," I said.

     "I guess not," Serena said, smiling sheepishly.

     I stared at her, wondering why she agreed. She knew how I felt about singing. She knew I never wanted to sing for her again. But, she agreed anyways.

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