Luhan (EXO-M)

37 1 0

Height: 178 cm

Blood Type: O

Hometown: Beijing Haidian, China

Education: Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School


Power: Telekinesis


Fun Facts:

•One of his special talents is that he can solve the rubrics cube. He's fastest time is 30 sec.

•He got into SM in 2008 when he was in Korea as a transfer student. He was shopping with his friends when an representative from SM scouted him.

•His ideal girl is someone who is respectful and quiet.

•He use to be a JYP trainee, but joined SM due to an exchange of trainees.

•In their Korean dorm he shares a room with XiuMin and Kris, but in China he shares a room with Lay.

•Usually trainees from China will be bullied by Korean trainees, but LuHan was an exception because he is so easy going.

•Was voted as the laziest member of EXO-M and is usally the last person to wake up. "The alarm clock is always too soft for me to hear."

•He is China ulzzang.

•He doesn't like it when people are on his bed. He'll kick them off.

•His favorite Korean food is samgyeopsal.

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