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We welcome you to the third interview in The Rahma Awards! Introducing...

crazyme_97 interviewed by Mylilbooktique (a.k.a. Aisha!)


Aisha : Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone!

Welcome to TRA Interview.

Today we are going to Interview crazyme_97 , author of the book 'Shimmering Love'!

First of all, a big big congratulations on winning TRA in Best Muslim Multi-Genre Category Bushra! Clearly it's not the first time you have won something, but of course the excitement is always the same when a person wins something!

What do you say? How are you feeling about this?

Bushra : It is true that the excitement is always new on winning something and yes, I am very happy about winning the Multi-Genre category of the first ever TRA. SL was the very first book I penned down and although my writing skills have improved a great deal from the time I wrote it, every time this book wins an award, it is always considered to be special.

Aisha : Do you go by the name Bushra outside wattpad too? I'm curious because a lot of people use a different name to write here.

Bushra : Well, although it doesn't sound as exciting as I would like for it to be, I do go by the name Bushra even outside wattpad (no pseudonyms here, sorry 😆). Have been called by that name ever since the laddoo and jhangri boxes came home (to be distributed) with my name printed on their labels.

Aisha : So tell us Bushra where are you from?

Bushra : I come from a country known for its variety of spices, finger-licking delicious food, multiple cultures (that sometimes get to your head), exotic tourist spots, beautiful physical divisions, half-baked politicians, and of course people of high IQ (something that most don't use) 

[Editor's Note ( writer_muslimah ): Loooool xD I laughed so much at this!]

*duffs playing in the background* - India! 😂

Aisha : Well 😂, even I am from India! Great to know that you consider us all as people with high IQ!

Bushra : Well, I don't! 😁 I am merely stating the results of an actual survey that states that the IQ of a 10 year old Indian is the same as that of a 30 year year old American.

Aisha : That's so cool! Enlighten us on your qualification.

Bushra : I am a Math graduate who has switched majors to English for post graduation. I am also doing my Islamic Studies simultaneously, Alhamdulillah.

Aisha : What are your family's opinion regarding your writing skills?

Bushra : My sister has read SL, close family members are just aware of its existence, and when it comes to my parents - they are desi in nature, so obviously they keep fluctuating constantly. Sometimes they are proud of my skills, other times they think it is of no use until the whole world is able to read my stuff (as in publish them on print). Do pray for me people.

Aisha : In Shaa Allah sure. May Allah SWT succeed you in your intention. Āamîn.😊

When and where did your love of books reading/writing/storytelling come from?

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