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Louis’ POV

I found myself disappointed as Ellen removed her warmth from me, climbing off the bed, my fingers ruffled my hair, sweeping it back and off my forehead as I propped myself up on my elbows. I followed her movements around to the other side of the bed, my eyebrows came down in a frown, not sure what she was doing as she bent down, I couldn’t help but smirk at her flushed cheeks, her fingers picking up her underwear from the wooden floor. Ellen turned away from me as she struggled to pull them up her legs whilst keeping her shirt down, I chuckled slightly, finding it amusing that she was still shy, despite what we had just done, I pulled my shirt over my head and made my way over to her, she nervously fiddled with her hands before peering up to me. Her multi coloured eyes were framed with long eyelashes, the pink in her lips was a little darker than usual; I put that down to our heavy kissing. She stood frozen as I reached out to her face, gently tucking strands of her long hair behind her ear, I still held the shirt between my fingers as I leaned down to her, our lips meeting for a few seconds before I moved to whisper in her ear.

“Did you enjoy that?” I paused. “Because I certainly did.” A noticeable shiver ran though her body at my words, I trailed my fingers down  her back before gripping the ham of her long shirt, as I started to slowly pull it up she flinched back.

“Louis.” Ellen whispered, I loved the sound of my name rolling from her tongue, my fingers continued to tug up the shirt, she was breathing heavily as pulled it over her head, he arms instantly going up to cover her body, or what she could of it.

“Let me see.” I said softly, when she didn’t move I gently pried her hands away, I brought my bottom lip between my teeth as I scanned up and down her body, her arms moved up to cross over her chest, but I caught them before she could. The black lace underwear she had put back on moments before matched her bra, her cautious gaze flickered up to my face before looking down at the floor. “You’re so beautiful.” It falls from my mouth before I can think to say anything else.

I helped her put on my t shirt, the hem falling to mid-thigh, my gaze followed Ellen as she climbed back onto the bed, shuffling down into the covers, her hand moved around her head, drawing her long hair over one shoulder before resting back on the pillow. We held eye contact for a few seconds before I frowned shaking my head and looking away for a moment, exited going into the main room of Ellen’s apartment and to the kitchen, gripping a glass and filling it with water. “Louis?” My body turned to face Ellen in the dim light, hair cascading over her shoulder as she peered at me, my eyes scanned down her tanned legs before making contact with her blue, green and orange orbs. “Are you coming back to bed?”

When I didn’t answer her bare feet padded across the wooden floor, her smaller hand caught hold of my larger one, her thumb gently rubbing over the knuckles. I watched as Ellen brought it up to her mouth, leaving a soft kiss on the back of my hand. She stepped back slightly, still holding onto me as she encouraged me out of the kitchen, I followed her, she guided me down the three small steps past the cats sleeping on the lounge and into her bedroom, she hastily got under the covers. I got in beside her, tugging the doona up, a huff escaped my mouth as Ellen scooted over to the other side of the bed, she wiggled as I wrapped my arm around her waist, dragging her back to my body, her back pressed firmly to my chest. “You don’t have to be shy now, Love.” I chuckled.

She tensed as the tips of my fingers lightly brushed the skin above the top of her underwear, I heard her whimper with my touch. “Did I make you feel good?” I asked in a whisper, kissing the back of her neck. Ellen’s trembling breath was the only response I received, she gripped my wrist, tugging it away from her crotch. The image of her underneath me as I pleasured her washed through my mine. “Oh god. I want to see you come for me again.” I moaned.

“P-please.” She whispered, my hand moved further up her front, as she relaxed back into me, Ellen didn’t object when I tangled my legs with hers. It amazed me how her body fit so easily against mine, a small smile crept onto my face as I felt her entwine our fingers, my larger hand engulfing hers as I felt her slowly drift off to sleep in my arms.

Next day

Ellen’s POV

I got up still only in my underwear and Louis’ shirt, and walked into my wardrobe, I gripped a pair of jeans and jumper along with fresh underwear before coming back out into my room, walking over the platform of my open plan bathroom and going toward the opening that led to the main room.

“Where are you going?” Louis asked from the bed and I turn to look at him.

“To have a shower.”

“Bathrooms right there babe.” He said pointing to the bathroom at the end of my bed which happen they have no walls, just a sink, bath, toilet and shower and no privacy what so ever.

“The bathroom with walls.” I say and he lies his head back on the pillow watching me leave, I locked the bathroom door after shooing Sassy out and stripped out of Louis shirt and my underwear, I turned the shower on and went toilet while I waited for the water to heat up, I combed my fingers though my hair and it was surprising not knotty. I soaked my body in the steaming water and rubbed my hands over my face, I step out from under the shower and put some shampoo onto my hand, massaging it into my scalp before dragging the foam to the tips of me hair, I rinsed it out and stepped out from under the water against to apply conditioner on to the tips of my hair before grabbing my body wash and rubbing it all over my self, once I finished I rinsed off and just stood under the water before turning the tap and letting the water go out, I stepped out of the shower and onto a bath mat to dry off, I wrapped my hair in the towel and put my clothes on, before leaving the bathroom and going back into my room to find Louis in the same position.

“Pass me my glasses please.” I say looking down at him and he rolls over gripping them from the bedside table on the other side and handing them to me, I thank him slipping them on as I walk up onto the bathroom platform and grip my green tooth brush and squeeze the white toothpaste from the tube and onto the bristles. After I washed my mouth out and rinsed my brush off, I gripped my hair dryer and plugged it in, I pulled the towel off my head and dropped it on the floor as I started drying my hair, I saw Louis in the mirror behind me stripping out of his clothes. “What are you doing?” I ask over the noise of the hair dryer and he starts walking towards me, fully naked.

“Shower.” He points to the shower beside me, and steps in turning on the tap and stepping out of the fire range of the water till it heats up, I find it odd that it doesn’t bother him to be naked in front of me then I remember he has had ‘fuck buddies’ before, I focus back on doing my hair, letting the hot air dry my hair, once I place the dryer back in the draw I grip a brush and run it though my tangled hair, Louis steps out of the shower grabbing one of the folded towels on the stool beside the bath and dries off before wrapping the towel around his hips, I go into my wardrobe returning with a pair of tracksuit pants and shirt Louis left here once.

“Here, these are yours.” I say placing them on the bed for him, he thanks me and I walk out of the room, I go towards the kitchen, poring milk for the cats and filling the food and water bowl up further before making myself and Louis cereal.

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