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Never fear, chapter two is here!

~ Emily


Chapter Two - Words Hurt

*Girls, girls, girls, I just can't say no, Houston, I think we got a problem...*

The final song of the night blasted out of the speakers. I was actually upset that it ended, why? I don't know. Maybe because I am a slight fangirl? I was jumping and singing at the top of my voice, this has to be the best night of my life, and yes, saying that, it topped my One Direction concert last year...sorry for saying that but it was true!

"Thank you guys so much for coming, I love you guys so much!" Conor made the girls erupt with screams once again, and with that he ran off the stage.

"That was amazing!" Daisy shouted as the music and screaming died down, she was slurring her words a bit, she hadn't really drunk that much...maybe two or three pints and a few shots. 

"You're slightly drunk, you know?" I raised my eyebrow at her. 

"Nah, I'm not." She laughed. 

"Okay, I'll take your word for it."

I looked around for Jack, who was still surrounded by girls...typical. I looked for Bertie who was also, surrounded by girls. I then caught sight of three young girls, who were about thirteen, fourteen at the back of the small crowd surrounding the lads, they were trying to get a picture or signature. I decided to let my sympathy side kick in. 

I approached the three girls, one of them had long, brown hair and was wearing a #MAYNIAC t-shirt, and the other two had short blonde hair and were both wearing 'Can't Say No' t-shirts.

"Hi, girls."

"Oh my gosh. You're Conor's best friend!" The girls with the long brown hair shouted. 

"Yeah, I am. What's your name love?"

"Well, I'm Charlotte, this is Emma," she pointed to the girl to her right, "and this is Jess," she pointed to the other girl to her left. 

I whispered to the three girls, "Do you have any t-shirts or posters?" 

Charlotte beamed a smile at me. 

"Yeah, I bought this before." She got a t-shirt with Conor's face on out of her bag. 

"Do you girls have one too?" I looked at Emma and Jess. 

They both got out their t-shirts and they handed them to me. I started to walk in the direction of the doors leading backstage, I heard the three girls scream once they found out where I was heading. 

I stood outside the door to Conor's dressing room. Right, Emily, calm yourself down, you don't want to be screwing up your words and ending up looking like an embarrassing piece of crap now do you? I tried to compose myself, luckily my heart started to slow down and produce a steady beat and my breathing became normal again. 

I raised my hand and knocked twice on the door. 

"Who is it?" Conor's voice said from the other side of the door. 

I cleared my throat, "I-it's Em."

The door handle turned, and Conor emerged from behind it. 

"Em! Come in, help yourself to the Nando's, I think I ordered a bit too much..."

I stepped inside his dressing room, I immediately smelt the familiar smell of Conor's all time favourite restaurant, Nando's. He had ordered take out again, if he's not careful he'll turn into a chicken one day. 

"T-thanks, but I'm not staying for long, I just came to ask you a huge favour?" 

"And this favour is?"

"Could you please sign these three t-shirts? They are for three of the girls who absolutely love you and they couldn't get a picture with Bertie or Jack because there were so many other girls around them." 

"Haha, sure. You are one very nice girl for doing this."

I blushed and looked down. "It's nothing really."

He signed the three t-shirts for me, and I just had to give him a huge hug. I couldn't help it, the things he does for his fans, are just amazing.

"Thank you, you don't know how happy these girls will be." He hugged me back. 

"Anytime, Em, well, you better go, they'll be expecting their t-shirts back." He chuckled and pulled away. 

"Do you want to get rid of me?" I pretended to be offended. 

"Oh, no. I didn't mean it like that." 

"I know, I'm just playing, see you later?"

"Yeah, later Em." He smiled, I returned it. 

I left Conor in his dressing room with his beloved Nando's and made my way back to the girls. Emma started to cry when I told her Conor had signed the shirts, awh, they really do love him. 

"Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are an absolute legend! Can we get a picture with you?" Jess asked. 

"It's no problem girls, anything for Conor's beloved mayniacs, and yeah, sure, do you want one with Daisy too? She's also mine and Conor's best friend."

"Yeah, please."

"Daisy! Come over here." I hollered at her. 


"These three lovely girls would love a picture with us." I explained. 

"Okay. Do you want one with both of us first or just Emily, then just me?" Daisy took hold of Emma's camera. 

"Any." The three girls said together. 

"Jack? Can you just take this one quick picture for us?" Jack came over and took some pictures of me and Daisy with the girls and I took one of them all with Jack. 

"Oh my gosh, you seriously don't know how much we love you right now." Emma snuffled, she'd stop crying now. 

"Girls, it's nothing, really." I smiled. 

Then the three girls all gave me a massive hug, I chuckled. 

"You better get going, it's nearly midnight!" I laughed, "do you girls have Twitter?" I pulled away from the hug. 

They all gave me their Twitter names and I followed them, there and then, seen as I had an iPhone. 

"I'll talk to you girls on Twitter."

"Ok! Thank you again." And all three girls walked off in the direction of the exit. 


It was getting late and only about four or five girls were left in the building, hoping to catch another glimpse at Conor before he left. One of them looked extremely slutty, she was wearing a short, and when I say short I mean just below the bum short, black dress with six inch heels and her face was caked in make-up. She looked like something out of a horror movie. 

I listened into her conversation with the girl who was with her, she was dressed normally, skinny jeans, 'Vegas Girl' t-shirt, nothing wrong with her.

"I'm going to get that whore to stay away from my Conor." Her eyes looked up in my direction, was she talking about me? Had I done something wrong? 

"She has no right to be his girlfriend, he doesn't deserve her. Look at her, she looks like a slut." I felt the tears forming in my eyes, how can I be called a slut when she showing too much of her bare body to the world, I'm sorry but, she can't really say anything. Plus, I'm not his girlfriend, just his best friend. The tears were now trickling down my face, I couldn't help it, her words hurt me. She doesn't even know my name, yet she feels the right to insult me. 

I ran backstage, and stood against the wall, soon to have slid myself down it so I was sat on the floor. I rested my head on my knees and let the tears fall. 

"Em, what's wrong?" Conor walked over to me and sat next to me, soon embracing me in a hug. 

"Apparently, I'm a whore and a slut, according to a girl out there." I managed to say, in the middle of whimpers and sniffs. "And, she thinks I'm your girlfriend," I chuckled slightly at this part. 

"Really?" He pulled away and I put my head on his shoulder, my tears all over his shirt. 

"Yeah, but they said that you wouldn't deserve me if I was." Tears falling down my cheeks again. 

"You can't let that one girl bring you down, you are amazing, just think about what you did for those girls before, giving them signed t-shirts and pictures? I mean, nobody can top a t-shirt signed by the one and only Conor Maynard himself?" 

We both chuckled together. 

"Plus, you're a very beautiful girl too."

I felt the heat building up in my cheeks. "You really think so?" I looked down. 

"Yes, I really think so."

"Well, I think you are a very handsome looking prince, who came to save me from drowning in my own tears." 


"No." I chuckled at my little joke. 

Conor pulled a sad face, he was a very nice looking guy, but I didn't want to tell him that. 

"Emily?" I lifted my head to look at him. 


"Will you-?"

He was cut off by the door opening, it was Jack. 

"What are you two doing sat on the floor? We need to get going."

Conor helped me up off the floor, and I wiped the tears from my face, hopefully it wasn't obvious that I had been crying ten minutes ago. 


Conor drove us all back to his house and me and Daisy were going to crash there for the night seen as it was 1AM. There was no point driving home. I text my mum to tell her where I was and of course she was fine with it because we have been here plenty of times before. 

I went up to our room with Daisy to change, looking for my bag. I pulled out my pyjama bottoms and my slipper boots and put them on, but I couldn't find my pyjama top. 


"What?" Daisy looked at me. 

"I don't have a top. Do you have a spare?" 

Daisy rooted through her bag, emptying half of it onto the floor on the process. 

"No, sorry."

I just stood there in my pyjama bottoms and my bra, thinking of what to do.

"Jack?!" I shouted. 


"Can I borrow one of your t-shirts?" 

"Sure! They are in the top drawer in my room."

"Thanks, babe!"

I walked into Jack's room and looked for a t-shirt, I picked up the Superman one, everyone seems to have these t-shirts these days. Probably because that Liam guy from One Direction was wearing it one time, I don't know? 

I was knocked out of my little Superman thoughts when someone opened the door, shit. I started to put the t-shirt over my head, but because I was in such a panic I struggled...a lot. 

"Ow." The t-shirt was now stuck on my head still showing half my chest and part of my bra. 

"Do you need a bit of help?" I heard Conor ask. First he saw me in my towel, now in my bra with a t-shirt stuck over my head, how much more embarrassing can it get?

"Please?" I muffled through the t-shirt. 

I felt his hands on my bare skin pulling the t-shirt down. 

"Thanks." My hands adjusted the t-shirt so it was comfortable. 

"As I said before, anytime." 

I left the room as fast as I could. Why does he always see me at the wrong time? In a towel, crying, just in my underwear. What's next? He walks in on me when I am actually in the shower?

I got to our room in a matter of seconds, and Daisy was already changed. I slammed the door behind me, catching my breath. 

"What's up now? Don't tell me. Conor came in when you were putting Jack's shirt on?"

My cheeks went bright red. 

"Oh my gosh, Em. He did didn't he?"


She squealed next to me. "Anyway, Jack told me he found you two in the corridor backstage before we set off home?"

My cheeks burned red once again. 

"Oh my gosh, Em. Why don't you tell me this, it's juicy stuff you know?"


"Haha, it's fine. Anyway, Jack's making some sandwiches downstairs. Come down when you're ready."

She left the room and I sat down infront of the mirror and started to take my small amount of make-up off, when there was a knock at the door. 

"Who is it?" I asked. 


"One second."

I wiped off all my make-up and opened the door. 

"Hi, again." He smiled. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure." You both say down cross legged on your bed. 

"I was going to ask you something at the concert before but I got kind of cut off."

I listened to him, not wanting to interrupt what he was about to say. 

"Well, how am I going to start this." He muttered to himself. "Emily, you have been my best friend for years, we used to be inseparable, like we were joined at the hip," he chuckled, "and every since I was twelve I started to develop a small crush on you. And every time we spent together I wanted us to be more than friends, goes...Emily, will my girlfriend?"

I was slightly shocked, was I the girl he and Jack were talking about earlier, before we left for the concert? No, I couldn't be, right?

"Conor, we have been best friends for as long as I can remember and, believe it or not, when I was the same age I also developed a small crush on you. The only people I ever told were Jack and Daisy, not even my mum. I have always wanted us to be more than friends, so yes, I will be your girlfriend."

I hugged him and he kissed my forehead. 

"We'd better go down for some food." 


We ate our freshly made ham sandwiches in silence, not the awkward one, it was a comfortable silence. 

"Well, I'm going to sleep. It's already two o'clock." I said getting up from the stool. "Thanks for making the sandwiches Jack."

"No problem, goodnight hug?"

I gave Jack, Daisy and Conor a quick hug before going to bed. I tucked myself under the covers and thought to myself, I'll have to tell Daisy and Jack tomorrow, I'll have to tell them that Conor asked me to be his girlfriend and tell them that I said 'yes'.


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