4 ~ Spams

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A/n:  So.... This chapter is a bit of a mess but I hardly ever get off my ass and update so to make up for it... Here's a trashy chapter.

Okay I swear on my grandmother's grave that if this god damn Pikachu fuqboi gives me another pick up line I'mma loose my shit here at work. 

So today, that damn Pikachu decided that every fucking five minutes he's gonna send a shitty pick up line. And I've sent this moron multiple snaps saying 'Im at work quit u dumbass'. 

But no he's just gotta ignore me and continue.  Just why?  Why me? I may be lonely and in need of a few more acquaintances, but I don't think I can handle this acquaintance.  He may help the time pass but honestly, must he spam me?  Don't get me wrong some attention is good but this much is just... Not okay.







Okay I've had enough. 

This must end.

I can't focus on making coffee when a dumb blonde with a pokemon obsession is spamming me.

ur girl[F/N]

Istg if this continues any longer I'mma have to block u

His reply was almost immediately.


Nuuuuu plz don't idk if I can take a hottie like u blocking me :(

ur girl[F/N]

Then stop the spamming lighting head


Ok mah queen

ur girl[F/N]

Mah queen???  Rlly u fuqboi??


Yes after all u r the queen of my heart 💘💘👑👑

ur girl[F/N]

No stop igtg i have work


Ok bye my queen spam ya later

I didn't even reply and shoved my phone I to my pocket an annoyed look plastered on my features.

I can't handle the cheesy nicknames.

They're terrible

As I was making an espresso,  my pink headed coworker came bouncing in my direction.  A smirk present on her lips.

"Trouble with idol boy I'm assuming." Mina teased with a knowing look and a playful smirk.

"Duh who else annoys me this much?" I hissed.

"Awe c'mon I think it's cute." She whined.

"I don't. I find it awful irritating. " I rolled my eyes.

"Well if 'ya say so.  Also if he annoys you so much,  why not just block his ass? " Mina asked with her smirk once again painted across her lips.

"Because... I don't know.  I'm a lonely fuck and I guess his constant texting makes me less lonely....And if you ignore the constant flirting he's a cool guy." I struggled to answer her. 

Mina just chuckled in repsonse with a knowing smirk on her face. "Well I guess that makes sense. " She remarked and strutted off.


I got home to my comfortable apartment after my shift at the cafe,  the only thought in my head was the sweet embrace of my mattress and blankets.

As soon as I got settled in,  and walked into Haruna's room being sure to knock first. She shouted a lazy 'Come in'. 

I walked in to see her snuggled in bed with her sketchbook on her lap.

"Hey just wanted to say goodnight." I said with a small smile on my face.

"Ok night.  Hope you had a good day at work. "  She said looking up to face me.

"I did thanks for asking.  Although it would've been more peaceful if that damn Pikachu didn't spam me most of my shift. " I rolled my eyes in annoyance rembering all the snaps sent to me from him.

"Admit it you like the fact that he gives you all that attention. " My room mate gives me a small chuckle and a knowing smirk people seem to be giving me a lot today.

"Damn 'ya caught me. " I held my hands up in surrendered pose with a sarcastic tone to my voice.  (Idek don't question me)

"Can't hide nothing from me." Haruna said with a light chuckle.

"Guess I can't. " I laughed and then headed to my room to go to sleep.






Until I heard the buzz of my phone.


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