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Sorry this is really sad, I've just received the news that my English teacher from two years ago has passed away. She was an amazing lady and an inspiring teacher and I'm super sad and that moment, so I'm projecting my sadness into my writing.

P.S. I'm finished my exams now so expect a little more writing up now that I'm in the holidays.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

I shuddered in the cold, the tips of my fingers turning pink as the rain bucketed down on top of me, dripping down my face. I bowed my head and wrapped my arms around my shoulders, my tears mixing with the rain as they fell down my face.

All I had were the clothes on my back and a backpack, which only had a spare change of clothes, my phone, a charger and $20 which I knew wouldn't last long.

I knew things were getting bad when my teeth started chattering and I couldn't feel my feet, and I knew I had to find somewhere to stay the night. I was considering calling my friend and asking if I could camp on his couch for the night but I didn't want to be a burden, especially because I knew he would tell me to stay longer of he found out that I had nowhere to go.

I slunk down an alleyway between a group of shops and positioned the lid of a dustbin so it created a tent. I slid underneath it and curled up against the wall, stripping myself of my wet clothing and slipping into the clean ones, creating a line with a broken part of the lid and hanging up my wet clothes.

Sighing and still in tears I curled up on myself and rested my head on my backpack, readying myself for a long, cold night ahead.

I shuddered one last time and closed my eyes, like a child awaiting the storm.


I woke up several times during the night because of the cold and when the sun finally rose the next morning I was stiff, cold and barely had enough energy to lift my head. I lay on the cold concrete for a few hours, waiting for the sun to heat up the black lid and warm my bones.

Eventually I opened my backpack up and pulled out my phone, flinched when I saw the missed calls and texts from Vikk. Just as I was reading through the texts another call came through and I answered it to his high and worried voice.

"Lachlan! Where are you!? I've been calling your parents and all of your friends and no one knows where you are?" I didn't speak, my mouth partly hanging open. It was my parents fault that I had had to sleep the night on the streets.

"Lachlan?" He sounded genuinely concerned. "Are you there?"

Bringing the phone down from my ear I hung up the call and buried my head in my hands, the tears falling down my face anew.

I didn't want to do this anymore. I was on my own, no job, no money, no family at 21 and I didn't know if I could physically keep going. I had been suicidal for a long time, the pressure of school and then University and then getting a job tied in with coming out to my parents, on top of depression and social anxiety. My life was a mess.

When my phone came up with another call from Vikk I hung it up without even picking up. I didn't want to talk to him.

Gently I gathered up everything into my backpack and stretched as I left the alley, trying to make it look as if I hadn't slept on the ground overnight.

I wandered aimlessly for a few hours until I found myself on the edge of a river. There were no people in sight or in hearing range and I just sat on the edge and watched the rushing water as I thought everything over.

I knew Vikk was still calling me but I didn't pick up again, he didn't need to deal with the mess that was me. I leaned my back up against a tree trunk and closed my eyes, trying to sort out my situation in my head.

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