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Ellen’s POV

Two days later

I was feeling better the only evidence of me ever being sick is the slight cough I am yet to get rid of, the police called me yesterday telling me Dan was arrested at my apartment building, he never made it up to the floor and was taken into custody at the door, Louis was picking my up from school in about half an hour and we were going to go collect my things from his place and take them back to mine.

I get into Louis’ car, pecking his lips and doing my belt up as he starts to drive off, we get to his house and head into his room, his mum was a work and his sisters were in the lounge room watching TV, We throw all my things into the suit case and grabbed it going out to the car, after saying bye to his family, we made our way to the building and into the underground garage, taking the bag up in the elevator to my apartment where I unlocked to door to find it in the same condition we left it not even two weeks ago, Louis and I went into my bedroom, me packing my things way while talking to one another, there was a knock at the door and Louis offered to get it, when I walked out of the bedroom part of the apartment and into the main room Liam and Louis were talking each with a cat in their arms, I make my way towards them and take Bandit from Liam, hugging him close to me while I pat him.

“Thank you for taking care of them.” I smile at him.

“No problem.” He replies, “I’ll just go get there things.” He tells me and I nod, I go towards the lounge and sit down, Bandit jumping down out of my arms and franticly rubbing against my legs.

“I think he missed you.” Louis said and I smile watching him, once he calmed down he started sniffing my shoes then my clothes obviously trying to figure out where I have been, he tongue sticking out ever so slightly as he looks up at me, causing me to laugh, Liam brings the things back over and I place them all where they use to go, the kitty litter tray in the bathroom, the food and water dish in the kitchen and there toys just randomly in the middle or the room.


I stood at the foot of my bed, Louis came up behind me, my body jumping slightly as his fingers pushed my hair to the side. Soft lips were pressed to the skin of my neck, nibbling and sucking, I was suddenly spun around to face him, my chest rising and falling heavily. Louis could tell how nervous I was as he took my trembling hands in his large ones. He kept eye contact with me as he brought one hand up to his mouth, leaving a light kiss on the skin.

“I’ll be gentle.” He whispered, I watched him kick his Toms off before slowly kneeling down in front of me. His hands caressed the skin of my right thigh as he slid his touch down my leg. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. “So soft.” He mumbled into the kisses that were left down my tingling skin, trailing back up he hooks his fingers into the waist band of my shorts, sliding them down delicately before I stepped out of them letting him toss them to the side. My leg was raised, hands gripping onto Louis’ shoulders as he took my shoe off. The process was repeated with the other foot, before he stood to his full height in front of me. Louis’ head flicked to my large bed, instructing me to hop on it.

He pulled me up so I was kneeling, sat up on the bed, my body facing away from him as he knelt behind me. A strong arm wrapped around my waist, decreasing the distance between us as my back pressed to his front. His lips hummed in my ear as I rolled my head back to his shoulder, my body tensed as I felt his hand cup my breast, gently squeezing as he went down. Louis’ touch sent tingles through my body, his strong arm held me as I squirmed against him, he skimmed his warm hand up the inside of my thigh. A whimper fell from my lips as Louis’ fingers lightly touched me over my underwear, he began to rub over the sensitive area as my hips moved with the touch. I struggled to draw in breath, the feeling of his fingers jumbling my thoughts. My backside rubbed against his crotch as he increased the pressure, all the while his raspy voice whispered dirty things into my ear, it shocked me slightly as he told me all the things he wanted to do to me.

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