Chapter 01 - Seth

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Seth walked the streets to a convenience store and bought a pack of cigarettes. He stood outside of the store and lit one and soaked in the feeling. People walked by, the shadows mixed with the light from the street lamps. He checked his phone for any texts...

Just one. But it wasn't important.

He looked at the street signs, Atterbury Avenue, where it all happened. Where he breathed his last breath.

Seth moved on and headed towards his old school. His cream coat blew in opposing wind and Seth felt the crisp cold hit his lips. Cold as that night.

At the school, there were rugby players preparing for their game on Saturday. Seth stalked from the stands and eyed one of the players. He sniffed the air and could smell his scent from a distance. He smiled and vanished out of sight.

After training, Matthew packed his locker and joked around with mates. Each of them began to leave one by one but Matthew had something to complete still. He headed out from the locker room to the classrooms. He walked into the Drama classroom and on the stage was a girl covered in leaves and nothing else, her red hair resting on her chest giving him a tease.

"Sorry for the wait, training took longer than expected," Matthew said as he began undressing his shirt.

"You're going to have to make it up to me, really hard, Matthew Simmons," Kerry said as she tilted her head and let him kiss her neck. As they began touching one another, a presence lurked from the stage. Kerry heard a noise and wanted to stop but was lost in the lust. A sound of metal being sharpened came from the stage and Matthew quickly pulled his pants up.

"Who's there?" he asked but no one answered.

Another noise, footsteps, came from outside the classroom. Were there two presences?

Matthew walked towards the door, signalling Kerry to remain still. She grabbed his shirt and covered her body. Matthew slowly opened the door and searched the hallways and saw nothing. He turned around and closed the door to tell Kerry that it was just their imagination. But suddenly Matthews bottom jaw fell to the ground and his tongue hung along with the spraying blood. His eyes looked up and he saw a figure with a scythe in hand which swung at him. The sharp end stabbed into his eye and hooked into his skull, Kerry shrieked in total fear, Matthew then was flung into the desks. The figure leapt down and Kerry froze in shock.

"Don't scream, it really hurts my ears." the dark figure said, "Matthew Simmons, age 17, rugby captain. Known as the 'Slayer' of girls. Funny...he sure dies quickly for a 'Slayer'," he looked at Kerry.

"P-please don't hurt me," she choked out.

"Four years ago I was killed by this asshole's brother. So, you know, I'm just getting my little list completed." He smirked, "Sadly, however, you know how these things go. You see me, I kill you because I can't risk any of this becoming news to the media. I'm really sorry."

"No! Please!"

"Promise me you'll die peacefully, don't fight it," Seth whispered as black mist swirled around him. He raised his scythe but Kerry began to run before he swung. He was in no rush and walked after her, whistling a tune. Kerry heard the tune and started to bleed from her nose and ears. She began to cry but still ran. She made it out of the classroom and ran down the hallways. Around the corner ahead, a woman turned, holding a scythe as well. Kerry stopped and slowly backed up but noticed Seth behind her.

"The Order... You guys sure do get here pretty fast. Here to ruin my fun again?" Seth spat out.

"Get behind me. I'm here to save you, trust me." The woman called out to Kerry.

After witnessing what the other guy did, Kerry had no choice but to try to trust her. As Kerry ran towards her, the woman teleported behind Kerry and she heard the sound of blades crossing. The woman and Seth moved so fast, their blades almost invisible as they swung to and fro. Kerry watched as the two fought, not sure what else to do. Seth, who wore a mask that looked like an actual skull, looked to be stronger and each strike he dealt would land a stab or cut on the woman. But her wounds would start healing immediately afterwards.

The woman had to end this before authorities arrived, due to the cameras picking all this footage up. The woman jumped back and dark mist formed in the shape similar to her. A clone. The clone fought, and the woman snatched Kerry up and began to run. Kerry started screaming and kicking but the woman poked a finger to Kerry's temple and she became unconscious. The woman could sense Seth catching up with her.


The woman threw Kerry aside and turned back towards Seth. Her scythe became a giant axe and she caught Seth within range and smacked the axe right down on him, causing a massive hole in the ground.

"Good finish Lara, but we've run out of time. Let's get going." A man stood in the hallways by Kerry's body.

"What about her, Kuro?" Lara asked the man.

Kuro turned Kerry onto her back with his foot and crouched down and touched her forehead, "That should do it. I took care of the cameras and security guards. But turns out little missy here called 911."

The sound of sirens was heard from the parking lot.

"Let's get out of here! Fuck him." Kuro said as he looked at Seth who was starting to stand up. In an instant, both Lara and Kuro were gone and Seth swore and vanished as well, leaving Kerry behind.

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