The hunt for Timmy

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(The picture is what Becky looks like)

Curtis, Edgar and Tanya where casing after Timmy for the protein bar. Timmy was hiding somewhere as Edgar was getting annoyed.

"Timmy!' Timmy where are you. You know your mother will give you an sore butt once she finds you" - Edgar said.

"Have you lost someone" - an girl said who was coming up to him. Edgar was looking at her smiling shy.

"Yeah it's an boy named Timmy he had something important that we need" - Edgar said.

"Does he had brown curly hair with blue eyes and an protein bar" - the girl said smiling.

"Yeah that is him... Have you seen him" - Edgar said smiling.

"Yeah he went that away trying to climb up an ladder to hide up there in the small space. Your friend is trying to get him. " - the girl said

"Thank you and the names Edgar. " - Edgar said

"No problem and I'm Becky" - Becky said smiling walking away.

Edgar then went towards Curtis and Tanya again as he coughing.

"What took you so long" - Curtis said

"I was looking for Timmy but then an girl named Becky told me she knew where he was" - Edgar said

"Well we have found him... Better get him down" - Curtis said going to Timmy. Curtis starts climbing up the ladder smiling softly.

"Hey buddy listen I will give you anything you want if I get that bar" - Curtis said

"Anything"- Timmy said

"Yeah anything and I will get you it" - Curtis said

"Mmmm I want the ball" - Timmy said

"The ball aw no way... I will see what I can do within an hour" - Curtis said as Timmy giving him the bar as he went to Tanya.

"Thanks Curtis. It is time yet though" - Tanya said

"No not yet Tanya" - Curtis said softly rubbing her back as he rips the bar and saw the red note as it read N.A.M.

"What is wrong" - Edgar said looking at him.

"I have to talk with Guillam. It's just an quite meeting. You go and find Becky" - Curtis said

"Becky? Why her? " - Edgar said

"Just do as I say Edgar... I think she know more that meets the eye" - Curtis said heading away to meet Guillam.

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