Xiumin (EXO-M)

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Full Name: Kim Min Seok

Nickname: Lil' Fattie, Bao Zi (Little Bun)

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: March 26, 1990

Height: 176 cm

Languages: Korean, Chinese

Power: Ice


Fun Facts:

•Knows Taekwondo and Kendo

•In their Korean dorm he shares a room with Kris and Luhan, but in China he shares room with Tao.

•His ideal type of girl is someone who he can hug and can give comfort to others.

•He got into SM when he entered the "Every Sing" competition and won 2nd place.

•Said to be the funniest member of EXO-M

•He is very neat and clean.

•He was mentioned in f(x)'s Amber's thanks to in the "Pinnochio" album.

•He is close with Super Junior M's Henry.

•Though he has a very small and cute figure, he is the strongest in EXO-M

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