The Jerk is a Ghost

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Ashton Montecillo had an almost perfect life.

He's the Mayor's son. He had a beautiful girlfriend. An awesome basketball team. A dependable best friend.

He is the life of the party, who frequently gets into trouble for being carefree and reckless.

But everything turned upside down because of a cruel incident.

An incident that led him to meet Delia Salazar.

Delia is a nobody. An ordinary girl in Jefferson High. You wouldn't even know she exists. She's a girl fading on the background.

But what if the Mr. Popular turned ghost meet Ms. Nobody, Delia Salazar?

Will she be able to make him see the different side of life far from the attention and limelight?

When your life is not as perfect as you wanted them all to think, would you dare come back?

As Ashton's secrets and family issues slowly surface, will she be able to save him?

If you lose everything you look forward to, are you willing to be save?

Are you willing to fight for a second shot at life?

This is a story about love, death, family, friendship, and the ups and downs of a teenage life.

The Jerk is a Ghost.
Written by: april_avery

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