Chapter 7: On the Trail

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Donnie and Sid arrived at the Alamo after the sun had set and spotlights emblazoned the front of the old mission. Knowing they had in all likelihood missed their prey, they decided to eat Mexican food on the River Walk, anyway. Although Barnard's itinerary mentioned camping that evening, there were too many campgrounds to hunt for a needle in a haystack. They had nearly memorized Barnard's complete itinerary for the week. It would be much easier to go where they absolutely knew the boys would be in the morning: the Spoetzl Brewery. 

The Spoetzl Brewery was built in 1909 originally in a tin shack brewing superior beers for over a century and the source of Donnie and Sid's favorite, Shiner Bock, they knew this was the perfect place to wrap this up in a showdown. The sweetest revenge would be to finish off the boys and then finish off great brewskies from the source and maybe grab a t-shirt or two.

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