Promises To Keep

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Chapter Two:

Promises to Keep ...

I sit there patiently waiting for all of my sisters to give me their opinions. I need to make it look like I have a choice in the matter. The truth is, I don't. When the agency sends an operative down to talk to me like this, something is going on that needs to be tended to immediately. After a few minutes of deliberating, checking my teeth, hair, and breath, they decided I should go over and talk to him. I smiled my brightest smile and whispered, "Wish me luck!" As I approached him, I see him subtly wipe the top of his glass with a napkin. This is a message to me, saying that whatever is happening can't be discussed here, and we need to leave immediately.

I sit down at his table, and he says, "Hello Agent Williams, how are you today?" I send him a flirty look and flip my hair from one side to the other, "Cut the crap Ramirez, what's going on?" He smiles a charming smile and says, "Well you're in a wonderfully cheerful mood today!" I try not to show my amusement "Seriously, why are you down here?" He leaned closer to me and said, "Listen, something has gone missing, and you and I need to go so we can talk about it." I sit there for a minute and try to decide the best way to go about this. I know that if I just leave with him, the girls will know that somethings is up. "Okay, lets go and say goodbye, follow my lead!"

"Hey guys! This is my friend Robert. I can't believe I didn't recognize him, he and I went to school with each other in the in junior high and high school." Agent Ramirez introduces himself and tries to navigate through the rapid fire of questions being shot his way. I grab my purse and say, "Listen guys, I hope you don't mind, but I would really like to catch up with Robert, so we're going to go and grab a bite to eat." The women push us out of the restaurant, and with this we are on our way.

As we walk out, I head toward my car. He looks back at the diner and says, "I think it would seem suspicious if we didn't take the same car." I open my car door and roll the top down." "You don't know me very well then. They will be way more suspicious if you and I ride together. We should take separate cars." He nods in agreement, "Alright, but try to make it look like you're following, not leading me." I laugh and get into my car. "I will, but only for as long as they can see, after that, no promises." He closes my door and points over to his car, "That's more than I was expecting to get out of you." He walks over, and I wait. He gets into his car and starts the engine, shortly after I hear a pause in the ignition which causes me to look at the car. I see him dive from the car, as moments flames erupt from the car.

I jump out of the car and run over to him. "Ramirez! Ramirez!" I yell as I try to pull him away from the flames. I quickly call 9-1-1, and keep him talking to me to judge how coherent he is. My sisters and all of the other patrons of the cafe' have made their way out to look at the scene. Ramirez becomes more coherent, and is able to sit up just as the ambulance is pulling into the parking lot. He winces as he tries to stand up to explain to them what happened. As far as the Paramedics are concerned, he has been working on his own car and had some kind of a mishap. However, he and I both know, this was no accident. Robert refuses to go to the hospital, and the police demand that we meet them downtown for questioning. We agree, and get into my car to head to the CIA headquarters. Robert sends a text to our boss to get us out of questioning, and that's when it hits me. One of my sisters is behind this, and I have to find out which one.

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