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Five days later

Ellen’s POV

I felt Louis shacking me lightly to wake me up, my head was pounding with a headache and my skin was warm, I groan as he calls my name, I open my mouth to speak but when I go to say a word it feels like razor blades cutting into my throat and I cough at the roughness.

“Are you okay?” he asks and I open my eyes to look at him, concern in his eyes and I nod sitting up.

“Im fine.” Im barely audible.

“You’re sick.” He states and I frown shaking my head.

“Im fine.” I say croakily the awful feeling coming back to my throat causing me to cough at the discomfort, my head pounds a bit more and I raise my hand to my forehead, closing my eyes.

“You’re not going today.” Louis says and pulls the blanket up over me.

“Louis, it’s the first day back I have to.” It sounds like a croaky whisper, like an old lady that has been a smoker all her life, which also ends with a nasty cough.

“You’re not going to school, let me go get my mum.” Louis said leaving the room, I sat up again, about to start getting ready but when I went to stand my legs failed me and I collapsed back onto the bed, Louis returns shortly after with Jay.

“Not feeling well?” she asked and I shrug.

“I’ll be fine.” I say and sub stands a cough.

“Your voice says otherwise.” She smiles, “You should stay home, see what your feeling like tomorrow.” I sigh as she pushes me down in bed, covering me in a blanket, “What’s wrong?”

“My throat and head.” I cough, the temperature in the room spiking whenever I do.

“You also have a favour, you’re really warm.” She tells me and brushes her fingers over my cheek before smiling, “I’ll get you something for you headache and saw throat.” Louis sits beside me on the bed and Jay returns with a glass of water and three tablets, she tells me to take them and I do, one at a time, she leaves the room after asking if I needed or wanted anything else, I told her no politely and Louis turned the TV in his room on, sliding under the covers next to me.

“I would have gone to school.” I say laying my head on the pillow, he looks down at me.

“If you’re sick I don’t want you to go out.”

“I’ve been sick before Louis, I think I can handle it.” he shrugs.

“Still.” I frown and roll onto my side, the hum of the TV in the background soothes me as I fall back asleep.

“Are you okay?” Louis asks as I hold the blankets tight to me, I woke up shivering, I feel so cold yet I can feel the stickiness of sweat on my skin.

“I’m cold.” I state looking up at him.

“Ellen, your sweating.” He says and it’s as if wind swished through the room as another shiver erupted from my body. “You’ve been asleep for a few hours, I’ll see if you need more medication yet.” He tells me and I nod, he get up from the bed and leaves the room, I do the same going to the toilet and when I return there’s a glass of water on the bed side table with three tablets again, “My mum said you have cold sweats.” He shrugs, “she said its normal.” I smile and take the tables and drink the water.

“Thank you.” I say as I walk towards my bag and get a jumper, slipping it over my head I get back under the covers, curling up under them and laying my head on Louis’ stomach, his body warm against mine, his fingers comb though my hair as we watch TV. A couple hours past of just crappie day time TV and I started to feel really hot, I start by pushing the blanket off my body, but I still sweat and the room is starting to feel stuffy, I peel the jumper from my body and I cool instantly, lying against Louis again.

“Ellen, why don’t you try and sleep again.” he says and I shrug under his soft touch, his fingers running up and down my back, “Come on, lie back.” he says and I do as im told, laying my head back on the pillow, a slight cough rolling from my throat as I do so, Louis pulls the cover over me slightly, keeping it half way up my stomach, and I fall asleep almost instantly.

When I wake again, Louis is tangled around my body, I smile as I snuggle further into him and only moments later his awake too, the medication has worn off, my head is pounding again.

“How are you feeling?” Louis asks and I shrug.

“Not much different.” I say honestly.

“I’ll go get you more tablets.” He tells me and I smile, he gets out of the bed and leaves the room, I watch the TV while I wait, the volume barely being heard, when I look towards the alarm clock on Louis bedside table I see its already six, I wonder if his eaten at all today, when he joins me again I take the pills he hands me along with a glass of water.

“Have you had anything to eat today?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Are you hungry?” I shake my head.

“Not really.” I reply, I know im only not hungry because im sick but just because im not eating shouldn’t mean he doesn’t, “Why haven’t you eaten?” he shrugs.

“Haven’t thought of it.”

“Will you go eat?”

“Will you?”

“Im not really hungry.” I say and he frowns.

“You have to eat, you can’t just go a whole day on an empty stomach. Come on.” He takes me hand and I sign when he pulls me up, trudging behind him as we exit the room and go into the kitchen, he pulls out one of the stools and I sit while he moves around the kitchen, there’s a knock at the door a little while later while Louis and I are eating, I noticed that we were alone, Louis said Jay took the girls to see a movie, when Louis returns Harry and Zayn are with him, I smile at the two, Harry just rolls his eyes and looks away but Zayn greets me, I have tried to apologise and be nice to Harry but if he is going to stay being a prick im not even gonna bother with him. Louis offers them some of the food he made but they declined, they were talking about something and I assumed it was about the gym but I was barely taking any notice, finding it hard to focus, after a while I tell Louis im going back to bed and leave him to talk to the boys, I lie back down in the bed and curl up under the now cool sheets, closing my eyes and eventually falling asleep.

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