⌜ ten ⌟

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renjun held the strap of his backpack, ❝so

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renjun held the strap of his backpack, ❝so..❞ he stared at the two young adults sitting at the sofa, looking down with sadness shown on their faces. ❝this is goodbye?

no, he's not quitting. although, he had thought about it but he had fun these past few days living and taking care of the boys that quitting never crossed his mind during those times.

i'll be back on monday.❞ renjun had an agreement with the mothers that he could go home every weekends. anyways, these boys are grown ups so they don't need supervision all the time. ❝please don't burn your own house while i'm gone.

i can assure you that!❞ jeno raised his head and then did a salute, which made renjun giggle.

he didn't want to say it but renjun's favorite is jeno. at least jeno is trying to be close with him, while jaemin on the other hand won't even have a proper conversation with him. renjun tried these past few days and nothing has changed. the only times he found jaemin different was when he said thank you with a smile for finding his ryan plush.

and please don't kill each other.❞ renjun sighed, ❝i don't want to hear a news about two boys found dead in their own house.

that, i cannot assure you.


the said boy giggled, ❝kidding!❞ he then threw his arms on jaemin's shoulder, ❝i can never kill my future husband to be.

jaemin raised a brow, feeling confused. first, because jeno just accepted the fact that they are engaged and second, because he didn't feel any disgust or any feeling close to that. he didn't feel the need to scrunch his nose, to push that heavy arm away from his shoulders, or to curse at jeno.

instead, he felt all tingly which bothered him.

renjun smiled, ❝i'm going to miss you.

jeno stood up from the sofa, removing his arm on jaemin's shoulders, and threw his arms on renjun. hugging the small boy very tight that it could probably suffocate the short male. ❝i'm going to miss you too injunie!

jaemin clicked his tongue, just sitting down there at the sofa as he watched the scene unfold, ❝he's just going to be out for two days.

two days!?

renjun closed his eyes, ears hurting when jeno suddenly shouted, ❝yes jeno. two days.

don't you know how to count?❞ the pink haired rolled his eyes at jeno.

well i'm sorry rene descartes, i'm not as smart as you.❞ jeno pouted.

renjun had a smile on his face when he saw jeno pout. he then cupped the boy's cheeks and squished it, ❝why are you so cute?

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