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Full Name: Do Kyung Soo

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: January 12, 1993

Height: 173 cm

Blood Type: A

Languages: Korean, English

Power: Earth


Fun Facts:

•In EXO-K's dorm, he shares a room with Kai

•According to the other members, he is the clean freak of the group. SeHun: "When you go to his room and open up all his drawers, I guarantee you you'll find everything neatly piled and organized. He even sorts his shirts by color and by type."

•He is in charge of all of the cooking in EXO-K's dorm. In fact he also has interest in becoming a chef.

•Even before joining SM, he took vocal lessons.

•His role model is composer Yoo Young Jin.

•He want's EXO to become a group that is loved by all.

•He got into SM Entertainment when he auditioned in 2010

•Unlike many idols, D.O's parents were in full support of his dream and told him if he had a dream, he should try with all that he had to reach it and make it a reality.

•His favorite number is 1.

•Likes fantasy movies.

•His motto is "Be number 1″.

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