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Chapter 5- trouble

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"It's raining guys" I told everyone since I was out first.

"I'M SINGING IN THE RAIN" Clyde ran past us to god knows where dancing and turning in the streets. I got my phone out a started videoing him. I had so many drunk Clyde videos they always cheered me up.

"Clyde mind the road" Dave tried to catch Clyde when he got nearer to the road.

"Nuh hu you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" He was now doing the jump where he clicks his heels in the air. He suddenly threw himself against the wall "can you keep up?" He was now singing Beyoncé and dancing against the wall.

"This is too funny you're filming it right?" Immy was doubled over laughing at the sight in front of us.

"Of course!" I was laughing too but made sure I was filming Clyde.

"Make me lose my breath!" He was really out of pitch.

We walked on for a while "Ok guys this is where I leave" I gave them a sad face, but I needed to go to my house tonight.

"Yeah I'm coming with you I need to go to mine tonight too" Immy came my way, we lived in the same direction.

"Bye girls" Dave was waving at us while he still had one arm around Clyde so he couldn't run away.

"Adios my darlings!" Clyde shouted at us.

"Bye!" We shouted back and walked.

"I don't have a good feeling about this" Immy said quietly.

"I know, maybe not the smartest decision to walk in the dark when no one is around" I had the same feeling too.

"Well at least we have the car headlights" Immy pointed to the car that was driving behind us.

"I feel so much safer!" I laughed.

We turned a corner "I'm an optimist I look at the glass half full rather then half empty" she shrugged.

"Well I see the glass isn't empty yet" I looked behind us "that's the same car you pointed to and it turned the same corner as us, and it's driving extremely slow" I realised.

"Shit" was all Immy said before we took off out heels and ran, my house was insight so we ran straight into me house.

I locked the door, dropped my shoes and looked out the window behind the curtains so the stalker wouldn't see me. We didn't turn on the lights.

"I think my friend and I our being stalked, there's a car that's been following us and it's parked outside my friends house" Immy had called 999. She gave them my address, the police would be here soon.

"Immy he's coming out of the car!" I yelped. And ran for the kitchen. "Take this" I gave her a rolling pin and a wok, I choose my own W.O.M.D, the pan. Immy went back to the window "he's coming to the door!" She whisper yelled to me.

"Ok plan, I'll open the door and you bring the wok down on this head and then I'll hit him with a pan for good measure" I said to her.

"What if that fails?" Immy was standing on a chair so she would be taller then the stalker, she was placed by the side of the door so the stalker wouldn't see her.

"There's two of us and one of him, if he grabs me beat him with the rolling pin" I think this is going to work.

I looked through the spy hole, pan in my hand. "3,2,1"

I opened the door. He wasn't really inside the house but was close enough for Immy to reach him. She brought the wok down hard on his head. The stalker shouted swear words as I hit him with my pan on his arms and stomach while Immy attacked his back.

"Don't-mess-with-us-fucker" I shouted between hits.

Immy brought the wok up one more time and hit his head, he fell down before us. Immy and I high-fived each other and cheered.

I turned him over with a lot of effort and checked for a pulse "well he's not dead just passed out, turn the light on"

I was crouched over him when the lights came on.

"He doesn't look like your typical stalker does he" Immy was standing over him. He was actually easy on the eyes if you took away the bruises he was already forming, brown-blonde hair and green eyes. He was tall too, I was kind of surprised we were able to take him down so quickly.

"And what does the typical stalker look like exactly" I smirked at her.

"I don't know but I didn't think he would be hot!" She laughed. "The police are here, finally".

The police took the stalker to a hospital, where they treated him first before he could be questioned, and also there was a chance of him having a concussion after the wok-beating Immy gave him. We told the police man about leaving the club and walking home, seeing the car behind us and beating him with kitchen equipment. We exchanged numbers in case I needed to tell him anything extra and if he needed to get hold of me.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" I offered.

"Yeah, should we tell Clyave?" Saying Clyde and Dave was too long so we joined the names together and got Clyave. It was 3am, they would probably be sleeping.

"Yeah we'll ring them when we wake up" I yawned.

We quickly took off out make up and brushed our teeth. Immy used to live here with me, before we got our jobs and she moved out, but she left some old clothes here so she still kind of lives here. Clyde and Immy were here often so they had toothbrushes at my house too, we all had a personal toothbrush at each other's house. Immy wore some old pyjamas and I wore a oversized shirt.

"Hey Mi?" Immy called me. We were drinking tea.


"That stalker, don't you think he looked familiar?" She asked.

"You think so?"

"Something about him looks really familiar about him"

"I don't know Im, do you think if we found out his name it would help?"

"Well I'm not exactly going to say 'hey you remember when I knocked you out, what's your name?' " she laughed.

"Well I do have the police guys number, but I don't think the stalker has recovered for questioning" I thought.

"We can call him tomorrow, I could've sworn I've seen him before somewhere though.."

"We'll find out soon enough, cup?" I took her cup and put them in the sink and went to bed.



Yay! The final part of the massive chapter I kept cutting.

Clyave is pronounced Clay-ve

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Why does it make sense to drink tea after you brushed your teeth already? I don't know but I didn't want the chapter to end on a brushing teeth scene.

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