8: Me?

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*Edit: please do not correct m grammer and spelling I know it sucks and I'm working on correcting all of these chapters I swear it gets better*

"Not even you being the friend that ive liked since the first day that i saw you. Not even that everytime i see you my heart starts to race and i get all nurvise. Or that you also calm me down when i need it and everytime i see you i cant help but to think how smart, beautiful, kind, caring, stong, amazing, and a hundred other things that i could name off you are. That you make me blush just by doing the tinest stupid things. None of that will ruin our friendship it doesnt make you want to run away and hide from me because im crazing for falling for my closest freind my bestfriend that i liked before i even knew if she was into girls?"

"It...its m-me?" Lena studered out.

"Yeah Lena, your the friend that i like and i get that you probably dont feel the same i just hope this doesnt ruin our friendsh-"

Lena quickly cut Kara off before she could finish by kissing her. It was soft and delicate at first but kara deepened it making it more passanate until Lena broke the kiss to look at Kara.

"You like me?" Lena questioned

"Yeah i do"

"But why im a Luthor."

"I dont give a crap. Lena you are one of the most kind, caring, smart, beautiful, passanate, amazing woman i have ever met dont ever for a second think that i could never not like you just because of dumb ass shit stuff your family did"

"Kara danvers cussing i never thought i'd live to see the day"

"Is that what you got from this?"

"No of course not Kara. Im just shocked i never thought that you would like me back"

"Back? So you like me to?"

"Yeah kara i like you"


"Yes Kara why else would i kiss you?"

"To shut me up?"

"Who would kiss someone just to shut them up?"

"I dont know.......... Sooooo what does um-uh what does this make us?" Kara asked

"Hmm i dont what do you say Kara Danvers will you go on a date with me?"

"Hmm i dont know ill have to think about it........ Oh screw it yes" kara said giggling

"Good. So how about Saterday nonnans at 5 sound good?"

"Noonans? It sounds perfect"

Alex and maggies appartment

Kara knocked on Alex and maggies appartment door.

"Hey Kar"

"Hey Alex is Maggie home?"

"No shes not your saft to talk about it"

"Good because i was hopping we could go ring shopping on sunday"

"Umm im busy sunday how about saterday?"

"Uhh hu h yeah i cant on saterday what are you doing on sunday?"

"Maggie probably"

"Oh Alex what us wrong with you?"

"Oh lighten up Kara me and Maggie are having date night what are you doing saterday?"

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